The fashionable ideology that “artificial” lacks the inherent goodness of “natural” is an appealing, but hopelessly simplistic notion of the intellectually chic. Artifice is the result of a deliberate intent to make. Nature also “makes” things, using a set of basic building blocks common throughout the universe. Exchanging infinite time for deliberate design, nature has ingeniously built plants, planets, galaxies and unimaginable constructs which seem to structure the universe itself. What we call “natural” is simply the result of whatever set of rules nature has followed in fashioning our observable reality. On planet Earth, nature has manipulated the common elements to fashion everything from bacteria to the molten core of the planet. Discoveries in the ”nano” technologies of bio, molecular, and micro engineering will re-edit the nomenclature of “natural” versus “unnatural”, blurring if not erasing the line of distinction between “machine” and “organism”, “natural” and “unnatural”, “God-given” and “man-made”. -Syd Mead

I didn’t want to go to brunch with my friends. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store to get milk. I didn’t want to Skype with my grandmother. I didn’t want to have sex with the woman who looks at me like she’s the east and I’m the sun.

It wasn’t just what the messages said that chipped away at me; it was the fact that they existed at all. My entire professional writing career has been about making the world better and brighter and warmer for queer women. Queer women don’t call each other fugly dykes! Or maybe they do.



the culture that has emerged, or is emerging, from the use of computer networks for communication, entertainment and business. It is also the study of various social phenomena associated with the internet and other new forms of network communication, such as online communities, online multi-player gaming, social gaming, social media and texting.

Cyberculture has become synonymous with the so-called ‘new edge’ of the subcultural avant-garde; a bricolage of technoculture, neo-'60s psychedelia, transcendentalism, designer 'smart’ drugs, modern primitivism and 'strechnology’ (the do-it-yourself street ethic of finding a use for things). In a much more specialised sense, cyberculture is associated with cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is equally difficult to adequately define. However, most accounts tend to portray it as the wired successor of the punk sensibility of the late 1970s… Cyberpunk is a lifestyle, a way of living in a telematic society, as well as an attitude towards it. It is a hybrid blend of info-tech obsession, Situationist politics, poststructuralist savvy and liberterian utopics.
—   Darren Tofts, Memory Trade
New Lesbian Emoji Instagram Account Has Come to Save Us All

New Lesbian Emoji Instagram Account Has Come to Save Us All

Carmen’s Team Pick:

When it comes to the classic emoji keyboard collection, there’s a couple things that are notably missing – more representations of people of color, anything resembling a popping bottle, and, well, lesbians. Luckily @lesbianemojis is here to save us all, sort of.

Designer Kimberly Linn showcases hilarious lesbian emojis – including fish tacos, Tegan & Sara albums, and a U-Haul…

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