Cyberbully Mom Club - not your pretty boy (ruin my body)
My fav song atm

queer musician of the day- cyberbully mom club

“I have been really confused with my gender identity for a long time and still am, and a lot of my friends have too. It’s a really hard, confusing thing to deal with after most of us have been told from birth that we have to kind of fit into either a blue or pink box, and then obey the policies of those boxes for the rest of our lives. But that’s obviously some brainwash bullshit. What if I feel like I fit into a green box? Or a box with some cool gradient of pink and blue and purple? Gender identity is something that I think a lot of parents, mine included, have a hard time grasping/understanding/accepting when their children try to address those kind of things to them, and I guess those lyrics talk about that in a sense.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do stitchings of some lyrics from cyberbullymomclub

Yea man I’ve been wanting to so I’ll get to it