c; meep. so somehow i managed to scoop up over one thousand of you lovely flowers - and that’s both terrifying && humbling at the same time. i’m going to try and keep this short though because i could literally go on forever about how much i love seeing every single one of you on my dash, how inspiring you all are, and how more i adore and admire you crazy, talented && passionate bunch. i don’t interact with enough of you and i would really like that to change because the amount of quality and creativity i see on my dash is staggering

          this fandom has welcomed me warmly and my time spent here has been the most fulfilling, nerve-racking, and exciting writing experience i’ve ever been a part of. bucky has consumed every last space of my right brain, inspiring me to write every single day while still hungering for more. there is nothing more satisfying then finding people who share the same passion && love for these characters as i do. i continue to grow every day, battling insecurity and doubt with the help of those i consider to be my friends and i can not thank them enough because without their encouragement, i doubt i’d be where i am now.

          i understand i am not the easiest writing partner. i take forever to organize my thoughts, even longer to get out replies; my lengths get out of hand quickly; i’m inconsistent and way too ocd for my own good - but for those few people who patiently put up with my flaws, i can not properly describe how much you mean to me. i’m actively terrified you guys are going to wake up one day and move on from me for someone leagues more talented && accurate in their characterization and ability, and all i can do in the meantime is express my adoration and thanks through my writing && interactions, hoping (attempting) to at least make our time spent as exciting && fulfilling for you as it is for me. i’ve come to accept that i am what i am - and that my method isn’t fit for everyone, but for those who are willing to try and willing to give me a chance, please know i hold each of you dearly in my heart and will forever. <3

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How to spread/deal with spreading correctly

So, you hate spreading, but everyone on your circuit does it. It’s frustrating for a lot of reasons. 

There are two things you can do about this: you can learn to spread, or you can learn to deal with spreading while still going slow. Both of these are valid options; you should probably be able to do both, even if you regularly pick one over the other.

How to spread:

Speed is a skill. It takes time and practice. You’ll have to do drills in order to be good at it - you won’t be able to just start talking really fast, you’ll have to work up to it.

It’s important to understand why you spread, too; spreading isn’t really about how many words per minute you say, but about how many more arguments you can get on the judge’s flow. For this reason, obviously, check the judge’s wiki or ask them if spreading is ok before going – you lose the advantage if the judge only gets half of what you say. 

For the same reason, it’s important to be clear. If you have mudmouth (aka you slur your words) you need to either slow down, or do drills to make yourself clearer. These can either just be practicing over-enunciating everything when you do speed drills, or you can do drills with a pen in your mouth. Or both. Both is good. You can never be too clear.

Do speed drills pretty regularly - you’ll want to work up your stamina and get to where you can do them for ~30 minutes and not be too winded. Speed drills that I find helpful are:

  • Pen in mouth
  • Over-enunciating
  • Just reading through your case as quickly as you can (you need to time it anyway)
  • Reading backwards (like: anyway it time to need you) - this helps you focus on just pronouncing the words; trying to read and understand makes you slower
  • put “and” in between every word

Start out with 10-20 minutes of these every day, making sure to actually enunciate, and you’ll be able to work up to some really high speeds. 

How to deal with spreading:

The kid who won state this year never spread(ed?), but he had such terrifyingly efficient time allocation it was like debating a robot. Knowing how to devastate your opponent’s arguments in as few words as necessary is more useful than spewing out 400 wpm if most of them are redundant. 

You can increase your word economy by going back to old flows and re-giving rebuttle speeches, focusing on doing this. Along with word economy, you’ll want a good strategy - maybe you’re losing something really badly, but you don’t need it to win? Kick it. Say “I don’t need this to win because I have 3 other winning arguments” and then move on to those instead of wasting time on it. 

Also, use your prep time well - look at the round as a whole. At the top of every speech, you should have a one-sentence summary of why you win. You need to have a strategy for how you’re going to tackle the round that’s not “just start talking and hope I get through all the stuff scribbled on my flow.” Collapse your speech to the main points of clash in the debate; don’t just go line-by-line and contradict everything they said, pick out the important stuff and answer it well.

If you don’t understand what they just said, you can totally just ask them in CX. That said, don’t ask for each tagline individually - that takes forever, is boring for the judge, and makes you look a tad incompetent. Instead, ask about how their case functions as a whole, what the central thesis of it is, and what major impacts they solve for. If they look uncertain about something, press it enough for the judge to notice, and then move on

If you know that they’ll be spreading before the round, ask for a copy of their case - carry around a flash drive if you have a computer so they can send it to you, or ask for them to hand you each page as they finish reading it. If you don’t get their case before/during the speech, ask for it at the beginning of CX. You can look over it during your prep time.

Please don’t:

read theory. Spreading in itself is not bad for the debate community any more than evidence use is. Using reactive theory that seeks to have someone lose for doing something you don’t like, rather than developing the skills to respond to it, does.