confessions with purple hair.

rating: t for swearing
summary: jean accidentally admits something with purple hair.
notes: omg whoever that anon was im so sorry for how terrible this is. i tried so hard and i wanted it out today but here is ur jean/eren brotp w/ a lil bit of jeankasa if thats okay bc jean being humiliated is so funny to me idk i love him though

anyway this takes place between the times of the titan tests and moving into the cabin and we don’t find out who dyed his hair and i just this is such a mess im so sorry 

words: 1140 idk how that happened but enjoy!

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Almost Home after 3,700 mile journey to her home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada…..affectionately known as “Vera”, Avro Lancaster FM213 will soon be putting her tyres down on familiar soil, after her UK tour this summer of 2014……….

I can well remember way way back in the early seventies standing by the control tower on Duxford airfield as a crowd gathered to welcome an aircraft that hadn’t been seen in the UK since the end of hostilities in 1945. This was the arrival of the B17G Flying Fortress from France flown by Don Bullock who was later killed flying an A26 Invader during the Biggin Hill Air Fair……..but seeing the B17 for the first time was awesome and of course now she is quite a familiar sight. Later on again on the same airfield I was there when B24J Liberator ( ex Indian/RAF ) landed. She was fully restored and repainted in American livery and given the nose art figure of ‘Delectable Doris’……when she left for America she was escorted out by the BBMF and the late Hayden Ballie, who flew his Hawker Sea Fury…….and then again one Sunday about midday at Duxford a huge shadow was cast over the airfield as the IWM welcomed an iconic piece of aviation history into the UK. It arrived in the shape of a B29 Super Fortress and it’s size was immense. Great bombers from a period where all three aircraft dropped thousands of tons of bombs in a bid to free the world from oppression, and domination………..
But at the time these three beauties arrived in the UK, nobody had seen a B17 or a B24 or a B29 since the end of WW2. The B29 was operated by the RAF after the war for a short period and called by us the B29 Washington…… the arrival of these first examples was a momentous occasion for the aviation buff. Now in 2014 I’ve had the opportunity of seeing two Avro Lancaster’s fly together in a UK sky. Because she was designed by Roy Chadwick and because of her role in WW2, she has like the Spitfire become the second most recognised shape that spells the word “Great” in front of Britain. The shame of this tour is I think our news media could have given far better coverage of the tours movements etc……as supporters of the tour and the aircraft I don’t think any of us can, …or will ever know what went into the planning, to see that this tour happened and was as successful as it has been…….so many people behind the scenes that will probably never get the recognition they deserve.
In a few hours ‘Vera’ will touch down at Hamilton, I believe her estimated time of arrival is lunch time this Sunday…..when her pilot shuts down her engines it will herald the end of a tour we’ll remember all our lives. She’ll sit there in the early autumn back in Canada, her engines ticking with the heat………for us we’re left with the memories and what memories they are……..the number of Brits that have witnessed the Union between these two great warbirds will probably never be known. Another historic Union was two Lancaster’s and an Avro Vulcan…………..Sunday is known as a day of rest, this Sunday in particular I think is a time for quiet reflection. To sit back and remember a Lancaster summer, and most important what those two Avro Lancaster’s represented. The boys of RAF Bomber Command, the many lads from our Commonwealth, …Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders and so many more. Who paid for our freedom with their own young lives. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can say as an eyewitness to one of the greatest aviation spectaculars…….this one off Union between Great Britain and Canada has made me immensely proud that I’m British……thank you Canada, thank you Canadian War Plane Heritage, thank you to Vera and her crew members and thank you the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Thumper and her crew, the Hurricane and Spitfire escorts and all of those involved we thank you as a nation.
Lest we forget those that served and those that lost………we will always remember them……………

This year we paid tribute to 617 Squadron and the Dambusters, ….this year also bought to Great Britain the Canadian War Plane Heritage Museums Avro Lancaster FM213 “Vera” to fly alongside our own Avro Lancaster PA474 “Thumper”……,everywhere they went they created ‘Lancaster’ fever,………those eight Rolls Royce Merlin engines echoing across the British Isles in tribute to the men of Bomber Command and those that perished in five years of total war……….the sight and sound of two Lancaster’s bought tears to many a man and woman’s eyes as they simply looked on and remembered………then there was the two occasions when they flew above NX611 ‘Just Jane’ at East Kirkby in Lincolnshire……..three Avro Lancaster’s ,……how much better does it get, well I suppose twelve Lancaster’s would be a total dream…..having said this to quote a famous saying, “all good things come to an end” and on the 22nd September “Vera’s” familiar shape in the UK skies will cease,………as she and her crew make her way back to Canada where I’m sure she’ll await as equally a thunderous applaud as when she arrived here in Great Britain………
I cannot begin to think of the planning that went into bringing this lady over to the UK for a British audience to enjoy…….it must have taken a lot and the only way we can show our appreciation is the way we have since the day she arrived………so now on behalf of Great Britain, all of our surviving veterans, and those that can’t be with us. I’m going to wish “Vera” a very swift, trouble free and safe journey back to Canada. The Canadians and Great Britain and our other Commonwealth Countries have a tremendous amount of history between our nations, and there are cemeteries all over this globe that contain the young bodies of men who served as brothers in arms from here and across the sea. We honour them, and we will always remember them with pride and grateful appreciation …………….