In addition to kidsneedscience, I have a blog post up on PBS Parents on helping teach kids science by engaging in fun activities.  You can see the post here or by clicking on the PBS logo to the left. This post was written for the new website-a super cool new digital platform for kids, parents and teachers to inspire and encourage learning.   Click on the link above to learn all about cwist-soon you’ll be using cwist as a verb and calling your kids cwisters!  Please share with all your friends and family and I hope you enjoy the post!

If you are not familiar with PBS Parents, check out their homepage.  Tons of great content organized in all different ways-age groups, interests, around PBS shows and content.  Parent friendly, kid friendly and full of interesting projects, reading lists and activities.

Image courtesy PBS Parents.

Understanding the Polar Vortex...with chocolate!


When I am not posting here you might find me posting on, cwist - kids’ challenges with a twist is an incentive-based digital platform that captures the creative power of parents and educators to develop and share game & activity challenges that educate the whole child.  I wrote a cwist about the polar vortex that ends with a scale model of the polar vortex made of hot fudge, marshmallow creme and graham crackers.  Here are my boys finishing their cwist with their scale model vortex.  Make yours today!  See more by clicking on the photo: 


In addition to the kidsneedscience blog, I also contribute to and right now I have a post up at PBS Parents about getting your kids into science.  Cwist is a really cool digital platform-I am contributing ‘cwists’—which are ‘challenges with a twist’ that are science related.  You can also contribute cwists in almost any subject or find cwists in almost any subject.  Check it out!  Click on the image to see the PBS post, then visit or find cwist on facebook.

cwist has its official launch today-stop by the website and check them out.  cwist-challenges with a twist - is a parent-educator collaboration that provides an interactive library of educational, community service and outdoor challenges that help kids make a healthy connection between the things they want and the effort it takes to get them.

Their interactive library includes thousands of educational, community service and outdoor challenges for kids, contributed by parents and educators.