Let's Make Sure Ratings are SOLID!!!! Spread the WORD this WEEK!

Guys, The 100 went UP in the key demo for episode 5. We finally got a 0.6 in the key demo! YES!

Now, let’s make sure to KEEP The 100 at 0.6 and try to RAISE it to 0.7! That’s our next task! And I think we can do this! 

We don’t have a new episode this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday week. But there is a new episode the following week!

Our next new episode is on December 3rd! And that’s a pretty big episode! Especially given what happened in episode 5!!!!

So what can we do in the meanwhile? Well, we can SPREAD THE WORD in this whole week! 

People are on a break this week. Some people have taken more days off. So everyone has more time on their hands! More time to watch television and be online! 

Let’s advertise on twitter that they can catch up with season 1 of The 100 on Netflix and watch season 2 on CW! Let’s spread the word!

The Bellarke reunion hug was highly advertised/promoted, and the ratings went up. I’ve also had quite a few of my twitter followers ask me about Bellarke because they saw me re-tweeting so much Bellarke stuff! They were impressed with their epic hug and wanted to get info on the show! And now some are huge fans already! So use whatever promotion you can do get more viewers interested! 

So spread the word in any way that you can so that on December 3rd, our ratings will be at least at 0.6 or preferably higher! Let’s try to get a 0.7 to be on the safer side for our show! We all want a season 3 so badly. This is such a well written and acted show. It deserves more seasons! So let’s make it HAPPEN!!!

I honestly think it’s all about the BUZZ. The Bellarke hug got a ton of buzz/attention. And it worked beautifully for the ratings! 

So spread the word on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA sites like twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, youtube, etc…Everywhere!!!! 

Please re-blog! It’s important! 


I finally come back with a new video after ages! Hope you guys like this one ♥ if you have any request on a video just send me a DM with the song and the fandom/otp (as long as I’m part of the fandom)

Westallen may not happen soon

I watched the Arrow/Flash conference and in response to Stephen’s character,Oliver, advising him that he and Iris will never work, Grant said that …. he has always said from the beginning that romance is not at his top priority because he is the Flash….he said that he will always have Iris in his heart though.

Translation: Westallen may not be coming soon since his job as Flash comes first. Sorry folks but that’s the truth. It may be why Candice Patton was not there since they won’t be together anytime soon.

I’m pretty bummed. Bonkai (bonnie and kai) may never happen(i don’t want a relationship for them; just to see him enamored with the awesomeness that is Bonnie). I was looking forward to Westallen but now…… :(

So I saw this last night and I am so happy. Look at it. The 100 has .05 less viewers than the freaking Vampire Diaries and The Originals not far behind. It will be hard for them to explain canceling these shows.

Especially considering The 100 and The Originals were both nominated for Emmys.

I am so optimistic right now. (I think I just jinxed myself.)


Sooo, I don’t know what to say because I don’t know if I like it yet. Well, since I saw the episode 2x05 I’ve wanted to make another Bellarke video because they are so beautiful and I love them so much even though Rotenberg is a total ass and I suspect he’s also a Flarke shipper -SHAME ON YOU, ROTENBERG!-. However: their hug was so emotional I just wanted to lay down and cry my heart out. MY OTP IS ALIVE AND WILL FIGHT TO BE CANON!!

Well, I hope you’ll like it; let me know with a comment or a thumb up C:
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Arrow:Oliver and Felicity 3x07 ALL SCENES