Ok here’s my take on this poster. Look I don’t hate Laurel…. I’m apathetic to her as of now she hasn’t showed me anything for me to LOVE her. But anyways it’s not even that she’s on the poster its that Digg is placed BEHIND her. Maybe its because she’ll have a bigger storyline in season 3 but this upsets me! And the writers are promoting that THIS is team Arrow??…. um no!

Digg DESERVES to be next to Oliver. To some, us Oliciters complaining about this is immature… But we love Digg just as much as Felicity and Oliver and it upsets us that the Arrow trinity is not together. Laurel has not contributed to the Team in any way. At least not the way Digg has.

And to make matters worse…. um where is Thea and Malcom or Sarah or papa Lance?? AND the poster looks like something that I made… which is sad cause I’m a mediocre photoshopist at best. All in all Diggle does not deserve to be sidelined this poster made me feel uncomfortable. And I’m sorry to offend anyone.

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New Arrow POP Vinyls Confirmed

Arrow POP Vinyls Confirmed As the CW ‘Arrow’ series season 3 slowly nears Funko drop yet another bombshell on the Funko community. Yesterday (2014-09-16) it was all peaceful and calm in the FunkoFunatic Forum as you can say nothing much was really going on apart from the usual …

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So three years ago this happened and it flew right past my head


The Flash commission completed! Another one of the $5 sketches is done. I hope the commissioner likes it! It was fun painting the water and I think I had some epiphanies with certain parts of the painting, but overall I’m happy with it. Onto the next one!

Watercolor and watercolor pencil (for beefing up some lines) on Stillman and Birn Delta paper. I definitely put this sheet through a LOT of punishment, but I think it still came out pretty good.

Okay guys lets just think about this for a minute. We are lead to assume that the mountain men took everyone at the dropship that day, but we only had visual confirmation that they have Monty and Clarke… What if they were only after a few people and the rest of the 100 and maybe Anya wake up from that gas to find only some of them missing…? Just something to think about as we wait for the season 2 premier!