"Same dream?" Connor’s shaky voice asked out after a long moment. Murphy just nodded his head and stared at his brother. "T’ink it means somethin’?"

The twins had been having the same dream for the past few nights. They weren’t sure what it meant, but it was always the same. Connor would die, and then Murphy. Every time it was someone different killing them, sometime it was just walkers.

This time it just had to be Daryl Dixon.

"I ‘ope not." Murphy finally said in a weak tone, the two breathing heavily in unison.

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Wild Rides | {connor&conn}

Connor awoke with a throbbing headache. He slowly sat up and took a look around the area, not really seeing anything too familiar at the moment. Groaning and rubbing at his head, the man tried to remember what had happened to him. Ah yes, he was trying to do something incredibly stupid. Something like murder a shaman in cold blood and pin several murders on him. Of course, Connor should have expected the shaman to fight back, but that was all his memory would give him.

Eyes now functioning more properly now, Connor noticed he was in a back alley that was actually quite close to McGinty’s. What he hell was he even doing there? The Irishman groaned as he stood and dusted himself off. He must have blacked out again, which was not entirely uncommon in his state of madness. With his lips turned in a frown, Connor readjusted his coat to hide the blood on him and strolled out onto the side walk.

Maybe a drink was in order after the strange night he had had.


Silence fell. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. No one moved at first. All at once it was like their breath was stolen from them. They had just made it out, they were all safe. No, they only thought they were all safe. Murphy fell upon the floor with a heavy thud as he gasped, whimpering softly. All eyes on him now.

"I got bit."

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★ ☮ ✈ ☢ ♛ ✖ ♥ ☠:

★ - a peck on the cheek || ☮ - a peck on your forehead

There was a soft grumble coming from the bed next to his own. Murphy had been awake for a while now, but everything seemed to be fine. He rolled over to see Connor finally sitting up. His twin did not seem all to happy at the idea of being awake. It was only early in the morning still, he could simply go back to bed. Instead Connor stood up. At first Murphy was confused until his twin crawled into bed with him wordlessly. Murphy blinked at the form of his brother that instantly curled around him, nuzzling into side chest, and trying to go back to sleep. The younger twin just chuckled softly and smiled before leaning down and placing a quick peck to his forehead and to Connor’s cheek. Murphy laid himself back down and let his brother sleep.

✈ - a barrage of kisses all over your face

“Connor, Connor!” His eyes were unfocused, moving around the whole room. “C’mon, mianach deartháir. Look at me, right’ ‘ere.” Murphy was panting, trying to get his brother’s attention. Finally Connor’s eyes snapped to his and stayed there. He slipped back into reality and Murphy praised the Lord that he had. “Is alrigh’, it was jus’ a dream.” Those were the words Connor used to say to him whenever he work up from a nightmare. His twin nodded and his breathing became normal again but Murphy could tell he was still fairly upset. He cupped Connor’s face and leaned forward. Murphy tired to calm him down by placing kisses over his face. He started with his forehead, then moved in a circle to capture everything, ending lastly with Connor’s nose and then pulling him into a hug.

☢ - several licks on your ear

“Get the fuck out already!” Murphy exclaimed as his fist knocked against the bathroom door. Connor had been in there for two hours and the rest of the group was pissed. They were supposed to be sharing and his twin was being rude, plus Murphy really just had to pee. If Connor hadn’t locked the door, he would have strolled in by now. Finally the door opened and steam bellowed out into the hall. “Calm down, princess.” Connor let out with a chuckle as he walked by his brother. Murphy stuck out his tongue and ran it all over Connor’s ear before getting the bathroom and slamming the door. He could hear Connor shout, “Fuck! I jus’ took a shower!”

♛ - one kiss upon your hand

Murphy was scared and when he looked up to see Connor’s face, the look was identical to his own. The same thought was running through their minds, what if they separate us? Murphy shook a little and he gripped tightly to his twins hand before bringing it up and against his lips. He whispered softly against the hand, holding it close to him as they waited to see how everything played out.

✖ - a hickey on your neck

“Stop movin’.” Murphy whined as Connor rotated in bed yet again. It bounced him and made him uncomfortable, a frown creeping over his features. “Don’ pout at me.” The younger twin rolled his eyes and grabbed his brother, pulling him into his arms and nuzzling his face into his neck. “Jus’ stop movin’, I was tryin’ ta sleep.” Murphy could feel Connor’s frown, his brother wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him closer. “‘m sorry, I didn—mmmm….” The words feel from his mouth when he felt warm lips press against his neck before the skin was sucked on. Murphy didn’t want Connor feeling guilty for being the reason he didn’t sleep this time, so he distracted him.

♥ - a kiss on your lips

Connor was doing something in the small area they called a kitchen. Murphy just watched from across the room, blowing out smoke from his cigarette. Connor turned around to catch his brother staring at him. “Is rude ta stare.” He muttered half-heartedly before padding across the room and going to swipe for the cigarette. Murphy inhaled smoke quickly and then put out the cig with a smirk. “Tat wasn’ nice…” Connor let out, eying his brother when he stood up and got in his face. Murphy places his lips against Connor’s own, pulling him a little closer. After a moment he stepped back and Connor exhaled smoke from his mouth with a grin. “I think it was nice.” Murphy answered with a smirk.

☠ - my fist to your kisser

Murphy rolled around on the floor outside with Connor. The rest of the group was ignoring them, they were only training and there was no reason to break then up since it wasn’t a real fight anyways. The younger twin got the eldest off balance for a moment, before Connor stumbled and regained his footing. Unfortunately it was just as Murphy was delivering a punch and it collided with Connor’s mouth. “Oh fuck! ‘m sorry!” He let out as his brother covered his now bleeding mouth. Hits to the face were off limits for the brawl and Murphy knew he was going to get a good hit back for that.