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Hi! Welcome to my first ever mini-giveaway! (FINALLY!!!!)

As you can see above, this is a giveaway with a cause so this will be a little different in all other giveaways. So let me tell you about this. I’m a graduating student and currently semi-hiatus in my kpop life. Since I’m already graduating, research is the most important thing in my life and as of now, I’m conducting a survey for my research. I need 100 respondents for this. So here’s the thing, I want you guise to help me answer my survey so that I can accumulate a hundred within 2weeks. Before, I conducted a survey and it takes months to get only 70 respondents TT_____TT sad right? So anyway I need 100 people to answer my survey and in return, I’ll giveaway a TEEN TOP’S EXITO ALBUM!!!! Yes, you read it right. EXITO ALBUM. Since Teen Top is having a comeback now (HURRAY!) and they will be releasing their album nextweek, this will be my thank you gift in return haha. (should I still call this a giveaway if I need something in return? Aww sorry but I really need this. Help me ;;;;;) Also, I am already working so affording an album is fine for me :D yep I’m a working student! So in short, I need 100 respondents and in return, I’ll give you an EXITO ALBUM. Let’s help each other!! How? Here are the Rules:


  1.  READ THE RULES CAREFULLY. If you don’t follow the rules starting from number 1 up to the end, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED.
  2. BEFORE REBLOGGING THIS POST, ANSWER FIRST THE SURVEY. In the survey you will put your tumblr username for me to know you. After submitting your answers, you are now qualified and can reblog this post! It means the survey will be like your ticket in joining the contest. If you don’t answer the survey and you just reblog, you are not included in the giveaway. Here’s the link to the survey.
  3. ANSWER THE SURVEY VERY CAREFULLY AND DON’T TAKE IT AS A GAME. I will read it one by one (seriously) and if I read it that you just answer it just for fun, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED. Please, my research is not a joke and I want all of you to cooperate. The questions are only below 25.
  4. REBLOGGING: MAXIMUM OF 5 PER DAY. Don’t flood your followers.
  5. ANYONE CAN ENTER! Yes, follower of mine or not, you can join. If you will follow me just because of the giveaway then please don’t. I don’t want to be followed because of my giveaway or free stuff. SRLY that’s the worst. But if you will follow me because you like my blog, then I’m so thankful to death!
  6. ONLY 100 PEOPLE ARE QUALIFIED TO ENTER THE CONTEST.  This giveaway is a limited only to 100 people since I only need a hundred so if I finally reach 100, I’ll close the form. Those people who can’t answer the survey, can’t reblog. So as much as possible, answer the survey before it reach 100! You will know that you can’t enter if the form is already close.
  8. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AND NO MULTIPLE SENDING OF SURVEY FORM. Only one person per account is allowed. If you think you can fool me then you’re wrong. READ AGAIN NUMBER 3.
  9. THIS POST IS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 or I can extend it if I still haven’t reach my goal.
  10. ONLY ONE OR TWO OR THREE WILL WIN. It depends how much is the album. Just always visit my blog from any announcements. Go to #exitoforacause tag. I will use random.org in choosing the winner/s. THE PRICE: TEEN TOP’S EXITO ALBUM (WITH POSTER HOPEFULLY) and I’ll ship also internationally :D

That’s it! If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not gonna eat you alive okay. I may only reply at night 8-10pm (Philippines Timezone). I’m at work so I won’t be replying to you immediately. If you want you can add my skype. My username is allkidong. I’m always online there. Actually, this giveaway is unexpected. I want this to be a big giveaway but since I really need your help now, I decided to make it a mini-giveaway. Only one album. sorry TT^TT .. For now it is a small giveaway, but wait for a big giveaway soon!! Sorry for being strict and inconvenient. I really really desperately need this!! And also let’s support Teen Top in their comeback YEYYYYYY I’m excited!! Angels go go~