Neon Genesis Evangelion-Bohemian Rhapsody Evangelion Opus

I just realized I had to put this on tumblr because THERE MIGHT BE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT REALIZE THIS EXISTS.

So one day a few years ago I was listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” on my iPod when I realized “Holy crap, this song is about Shinji Ikari.” And not just in the, oh this song can be applied to this fictional character and it is fitting, but like Queen was psychic or something. So I went to Youtube and typed in Evangelion and Bohemian Rhapsody and this is what came up.

Now I am going to make a controversial claim here - this AMV (easily in my personal top 5) is possibly the only AMV I’ve ever seen that has elevated both its anime and its song (and yes, I realize I’m talking about the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody”). I would dare say this is one AMV I wouldn’t hesitate to call “art.” How the song and the anime compliment each other just raises both of them to another level. WATCH IT.

Also, this is obviously Eva (including End of Evangelion), but seriously trigger warnings for EVERYTHING (violence, disturbing imagery, nudity, suicidal thoughts, etc.).

Tools for sourcing fanart

It’s not super-common, but some editors take the time to source the fanart they use in videos and make it accessible since it can’t be reverse-searched after it’s been edited. But if you find works separated from their artists, it’s hard to find their sources. Here are some good tools for finding a work’s original creator:

Google reverse image search (click the little camera in the search bar)
SauceNAO (pixiv-only and probably the best pixiv search tool)
Firefox reverse image addon
Chrome reverse image plugin

If you’re using Google and you know what site the art came from, you can limit your results to show only images from that site by adding “” to the search query. A quick sidenote, though, some Tumblr blogs are not indexed and therefore results may now show up (unindexed means Google cannot sift through the site as easily or at all).