CVdazzle, a fashion movement designed to distort your facial features allowing you to hide in plain sight from electronic surveillance cameras.  Hello cyber-fashion.

“CV Dazzle opposes the mainstream push towards the widespread adoption of face recognition in order to protect privacy. As the usefulness and popularity of facial recognition grows in commerce and security (currently it’s the fastest growing sector of biometrics ), so will the value of privacy. The objective of CV Dazzle is to adapt to our new environment and explore ways of communicating with machines to control our privacy in public.”

CV Dazzle™ is camouflage from computer vision (CV). It is a form of expressive interference that combines makeup and hair styling (or other modifications) with face-detection thwarting designs. The name is derived from a type of camouflage used during WWI, called Dazzle, which was used to break apart the gestalt-image of warships, making it hard to discern their directionality, size, and orientation. Likewise, the goal of CV Dazzle is to break apart the gestalt of a face, or object, and make it undetectable to computer vision algorithms, in particular face detection.

Because face detection is the first step in automated facial recognition, CV Dazzle can be used in any environment where automated face recognition systems are in use, such as Google’s Picasa, Flickr, or Facebook (see CV Dazzle vs PhotoTagger by Face.com).


The shoot I did for #cvdazzle’s #adamharvey is feature on the front of #cityfictions magazine today :) #hair #piavivas. (Previously featured in the #newyorktimes)
“City Fictions is introduced to people in Manchester by a fictional newspaper set in 2018 and inserted in 130,000 copies of the Manchester Evening News.” -the futureeverything conference website. Its pretty awesome, I wish my real self could be seeing all the awesome things my photo will be :)
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