From the Linsten Morris Management website. Showreel of Nathan’s roles is on his page (but too big to post here, sadly) and definitely worth a watch!

Download the pdf file for the full CV - this entry is from the second page. :)

Can I just say that if the thought of this …

is bringing me to my knees, then this …

is sending me over the edge!

I think the cv is from about 2008, but I find it interesting that NP doesn’t list cycling under Sports and Activities.  Disillusioned maybe?  Or just a typo?

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anonymous asked:

First, i'm not the anon who brought it up but if you go over to SOGO I believe she has an email from the festival stating they have no plans for a project with Sophie, second apparently sophie's 38 not 37 (actress lie about their age all the time so no big surprise) third, I'm done. She has done nothing aside from screw Ben to get this far in life and he's letting her take advantage which just shows how thirsty they are for fame. They deserve each other. Ew

Yeah I can only imagine the  film industry is full of people that feel compelled to lie about their age, especially women. The joke Amy Poehler made at the Golden Globes probably has a lot of truth to it. 

"Boyhood proves that there are still great roles for women over 40 as long as you get hired when you’re under 40." - Amy Pohler

Sophie 38 though? No lie I would have guessed 40-41. 



First impressions ehhh? As if being a student (hardly sleeping, juggling five jobs, assignments, internships, living on beans on toast) isn’t hard enough, we get 10 precious seconds to blow other human’s mind (read:employer). 10 seconds!? What can one do in 10 seconds? I can stuff a protein bar down my throat (in unladylike manner) whilst reading a book, listening to music and managing not to get robbed on the London underground in 10 seconds (but let’s not talk about my special talents). I wouldn’t even be able to introduce myself in 10 seconds (thanks, mum and dad for my long winded name). Yet those 10 precious seconds are key when that special interview comes (once all of the three glorious yet painful years of university imprisonment are over). 

Last year I had an opportunity to participate in an interview and fail it (among 20 other interviews in my lifetime) within first five minutes. I was aware of all of the policies, key ideas and history behind the brand, however I didn’t happen to be buying that particular brand’s products and I wasn’t aware of their top selling products (because you know between clothing and food, I chose food, fatty bum bum, I know). I didn’t get that job. I will never forget the comment made by the gentleman interviewing me “ You have a suitable look to represent the brand, but you needed to know more about it”.

This takes me on to Malcolm Levene’s commandments to take into account when encountering your future employer. Firstly, here is a thing, the earlier you know it, the better. Our capitalist culture is driven by brands (no shocker there), who have very human qualities (or at least they seem like they do…care to make you that one bit fatter, poorer, dumber). In current day and age brands are not just corporations, but they are individual people. That’s right, you are your own brand. Although your bank account suggests that you aren’t a very successful one, the good news is your bank account doesn’t impact your personal brand significantly. Tailoring your look according to what kind of job you’re going for, changing the look of your CV, personalising your cover letter or even bringing your brain along are just couple of things which show personal touch and eventually is what makes you employable.

Malcolm Levene, an incredible branding coach put our success in 18 points dividing it into Inner and Outer Branding. Get reading.

 Inner Branding

1. Reject quick fixes and replace them with patience

2. Be generous to others, both in word and deed

3. Think positive thoughts, even when you feel less than positive

4. Be grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have

5. Be prepared to make sacrifices in order to have the life you want

6. Remove prejudices and replace them with openness & learning

7. Offer unconditional compassion and empathy to others

8. Be a good listener

9. Giving is the new getting

Outer Branding

1. Excellent grooming - what a person sees first

2. Upbeat body language - standing tall

3. Good eye contact - steady and alive

4. Attire that is appropriate to the business culture and that says something personal about you - professional polish

5. Smile - it’s contagious

6. A firm handshake - certainty… If it’s an interview situation, it sets the tone

7. Excellent manners

8. A healthy appearance - taking care of ourselves

9. Communication in person, email or by phone that’s congruent

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