so this is my little sister and I doing prairie fire shots

yes, were getting fucked up tonight and yes, I’m a horrible person

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I was tagged by thosebeautifuleyes and two others! I’ll be doing the questions that thosebeautifuleyes set for me :) 

1. What’s your name and how old are you?
Zack, I’m 15 :) 

2. Would you rather stay in the desert or the moon for a week?
Definitely the moon! I live in a country where it’s super hot, so a chill would be nice :)
3. If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life what would it be?
sdjfskdnf so hard! I never get tired of Last Kiss or Forever and Always.
4. Are you musical? Do you play instruments/sing/write songs?
Yes! I’m incredibly musical. I taught myself the Ukulele, Piano, and the Guitar. I plan to also teach myself the banjo soon! I write a lot as well, and I’m KIND OF (let’s hope) in talks to distribute an EP through coffe shops in Singapore :)
5. If you could spend a whole day with anyone dead or alive, who and why?
Marilyn Monroe, because I find her story so amazingly interesting and tragic. I’d ask her all about her life and her experiences, and then ask her to recite everyone of her amazing quotes <3 and OF COURSE Taylor/Avril! Them because they’ve inspired me so much and shaped the person I am today :) 
6. Best song released in 2012?
Eyes Open! 
7. Write a short paragraph about anything that comes to mind right now
Haha I don’t really have time to but I’ll try! I’m supposed to be sleeping right now as I have school tomorrow but as usual I am procrastinating on tumblr. What else is new ahaha? Not really a paragraph but I cbb!!
8. Girl celebrity crush?
Jennifer Lawrence. She is sex on legs.
9. Always hide or show emotions?
I’m definitely a show my emotions type person, especially if an issue needs to be sorted out.
10. If you could change one thing about the world, what?
I would change the fact that people are so freaking insensitive to others. And how people should not have the right to make other peoples life choices for them.
11. Who’s your biggest inspiration atm?
Taylor, she always is and always will be. <3 

Questions for the tagged folks: 
1. What is your favourite tv show right now?
2. You’re stranded on a desert island- what three electronics would you bring and why?
3. Would you rather have horrible seats at a concert and meet the celebrity or have centre front row floor seats but not meet them?
4. What celebrity are you pining after right now, and why?
5. What is your favorite book series (other than the hunger games!) of all time?
6. What country would you love to visit, and what would your perfect day there be like?
7.  What is your top played song on itunes right now?
8. Who is your least and most favourite hunger games character and why?
9. Would you rather spend an entire day with Taylor or have unlimited tickets to all of her concerts?
10. What is your perfect day like?
11. Who would you love to see Taylor duet with?

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currently skyping my sister

Shes waiting for the next minute for one direction 2013 world tour tickets to come out online so she can buy them. Shes ready with three different credit cards and looking to buy tickets for like 4 different cities……. 

refreshing page like a crazy person. 

they just went available and now shes completely ignoring me.