“I’ve known Lucy since I was 15. Our story is really creepy. We met on myspace. We messaged each other because we had mutual friends, and we just started talking everyday. And when Lucy told me she was moving to L.A., I invited her to my friend’s birthday party at Disneyland. We decided to meet ther for the first time ever. But I didn’t tell my mom I met her on myspace and she didn’t tell her mom either. And we just clicked and from that day, we were best friends.” - Ashley Benson about her friendship with Lucy Hale

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hi where is the best place to watch Steven universe? I have been avoiding pictures and stuff of it like the plague cuz I am a loser and haven't seen it yet thank you bye

It has pretty much any cartoon you can think of

In season 6 of Shameless I want Ian on his meds, going to work and doing his best to keep himself stable. Mickey ended up in the hospital after Sammi’s shooting, he’s fine and just recovering but Ian hasn’t visited him because he doesn’t know what he’d say. So every morning Ian wakes up and by his bed side he has his pills with this folded piece of paper that says “shut the fuck and take your pills bitch” then he unfolds it to reveal a picture of Mickey and then he takes his pills. And he does that every morning cuz when Mickey gets out of the hospital he wants to be better so he can go pick him up and fix things between them cuz he has realized that Mickey is the only who will take care of him and the only one who has and he uses Mickey as a reason to get better. Cuz he wants to be better so Mickey won’t worry so much about him

So I know this picture is too much and stuff and that it’s bad. But I liked it cuz it shows the wonderful hair dye job my best friend did got me

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It doesn't look like them in black light, because in the trailer their faces look pitch black, just like the setting. The picture just looks like it's drawing them as black people and the background is white, not dark like there is a black light. The artist might not have intended that, but it looks like it, and given the harmful history of blackface in general (and in kpop), it could definitely be hurtful to your followers, so it would be best to take it down.

oh…sighs… thank you for letting me know anon. yeah the artist (possibly a chinese-australian) never meant any harm either. the art is pretty well-liked on weibo, cuz in China they never have such issues or implication. it’s just simple and cute. but i respect your point :)

[update 150419]

i learned a lot about this issue and how it makes kpop controversial, and understand why the fanart would be a problem (special thanks to ohmyyoochun ). yet please don’t blame the artist she’s a very nice girl and didn’t mean to hurt anyone by drawing that, and actually she has gorgeous dark/brown skin herself.

Sometimes people cross the line accidentally because they’re not aware there is a line. most people who grow up in Asian cultures have never been exposed to such a history of discrimination towards a certain skin color and have no idea what kind of pain another race has been through. even some idols may blurt out something like they prefer fair/pale skins they really mean no harm, just expressing their personal preferences. And the artist drew it that way because she thought they look beautiful and cute in dark colors too. so i think it would be nice if there’re more mutual understandings :)

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I literally love you and the Ophelia pictures are the best thing ever <3 I wish I knew you in rl cuz no one I know shares my love for spiders:{. But at least I have your tumblr! <3

Awe, that’s sweet! Thank you :)


I am the most laidback girl, i prefer jeans and sweaters, hoodies and adidas. HOWEVER, when i am required to dress up for whatever, a wedding or something special where i am sure to be in pictures, i make sure i look good. WHY? cuz i will see that damn picture on facebook. And i am a regular person, there are no paps taking my pic or hundreds of strangers judging me on my outfits.

I go to as many stores as i can and look at that outfit from every angle. I know my trouble areas and my best ones. I know i look good in v-necks but that i look awful in boat necks and sweetheart necks. I also know i hate all of them. I know i look best in tailored suits, blazers and pants. I know colors and fabrics, that wool is bulky but i am also allergic to it. I know which fabrics are problematic in lighting and which absorb sweat, that silk looks amazing but can look atrocious if you do not have the right figure.

I am a layman, I am a slacker like no other, i have no experience in fashion, nor have i ever been a buyer for anyone. But i do not need none of that to know what looks good on me, if i had a thing to go to tomorrow, i know exactly what store i could go to and find something immediately. Again, i am a layman, i am my own stylist and i am always on point.

so why can’t she? The store she bought that outfit from reminds me of a cheap whorish type of store, even though they have big names. All of the outfits there look like something a streetwalker would wear. You can look sexy and not shop at those places. You can look expensive and not spend hundreds of dollars. Like i said, i am your typical slacker, i only dress up when its required of me. If it was my job to look good, and i had no stylist, you bet your ass i would make an effort.

also, she likes the kookie and vintagey type of look, yeah, you can still do that and look good. Again, it goes back to her not making any effort for anything, that things will just happen just because. No. they don’t. everything and anything worth having takes work.

Mod: You definently don’t need to be a fashion buyer to have any fashion sense, if anything a little research and you should be good to go. So I see where you’re coming from, a little effort and you could look really nice so either she digs the mismatched/oversized looks or she really has no idea. I did like her outfit from tonight though, it’s definently the better choice she made compared to the other things on that website.

That tag thing

Tagged by nitramplays, gonna do this for Lho cuz he’s my main man. Maybe my balmung chara once I actually level the fucker. (someone power level me)

Name of your Muse: Lho’ir Moshanti

One picture you like best of your Muse’s FC:  N/A

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone

(Not exactly a secret, but Lho hasn’t even told his boyfriend this)Lho’ir used to be a sun seeker miqote, he had been brought up in the old ways and was a huge disappointment to his biological parents for being a failure when it came to hunting or any other physical activity as it wore him out. After leaving that life behind to find his own fortune as an adventurer he got drunk and sipped on a potion that turned him into the hyur he is today. He has given up trying to find the lalafel alchemist who changed him and ever seeing his true self again. Not that he minds, besides, this form is taller and can reach the top shelves.

Flirting with him is like complimenting a wall, he is terrible at realising someone likes him unless he is outright told about it, and even if you do tell him, he will most likely brush it off as a joke. (Canon wise, he is still a 40 year old virgin just sayin’)

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

>Studying and learning. He can sit for hours staring at the same tome and will generally forget to eat or sleep while he’s at it. Luckily his pet dodo will cry out for food pretty often forcing him to get up and make food for both of them.
>Long walks on the beach. Whether alone or with a friend he enjoys soothing silent walks across the beach, of course with both feet firmly on dry ground. There is no way you’ll get him to swim since he doesn’t know how.
>Collecting wine. He’s not much of a drinker, but he has a vast collection in his cellar of some extremely rare and dated bottles that only come out during special occasions.

Two things your muse regrets

> Being unable to save a close friend due to his lack of combat skills and physical strength.
> Not saying goodbye to his sister Kalli when he left home.

Two phobias your muse has

> Swimming. None of the 12 will ever get him to swim, its bad enough being on a boat, and even when he does that he curls up in a ball and cries like the adult he is for the whole trip.
> He is a slight germaphobe and will freak out if he has to get his hands too dirty. (best adventurer amirite). Keeps his house spotless and insists everyone takes their shoes off before entering.

Tag ten people to do the same thing: (I don’t have any friends)


Hiii you shittface!
It’s your birthday which means embarrassing pictures on the world wide web! 😝😏
Anywho, I hope you’re having the best birthday ever, fifteen is an exciting age after all.
That second pic actually made me tear up a bit, bc it was OUR FIRST SKYPE CALL EVER.
Feels like it happened yesterday, when we decided to call and I got so nervous because ‘what if you didn’t like me’?
I don’t know if you did, but you stuck around and I can’t be more grateful for that. Booohoo I know, I’ve always been the cheesiest of us two. We’ll be meeting next year, and I want it to be next year already damnit.
It sucks living so far away from you, that I can’t just come to your house to bring chocolate cake and 15 candles, and then watch some television or larry vids or just talk, cause there hasn’t been anything more soothing than talking to you, knowing that you don’t get sick hearing me talk about the same thing 10000x.
You’re my favorite bitch, and even though you laugh at me when you hear me swear ( not funny, but it’s your birthday so I’m not gonna rant about that one), or you’re so stubborn I’m afraid I’m gonna throw myself from a building ( the past has proven you’re the most stubborn lol ) I love you.
It’s as simple as that, I love you. So so so much it actually scares the crap out of me from time to time. And I know that life hasn’t been easy on you, and I know that’s not fair. I don’t think you understand how much I want to just carry some things you’re struggling with, and I do hope I made some things a tiny bit easier for you.
I also want you to know that the first time I got a letter from you my whole face lit up, and I was afraid it would split from my smile being so wide. ( stop spending so much money on me honestly you send wayy more stuff than me and always feel so fricking guilty, although I’m sending you something from London & your birthday tho!)
I want you to know one more thing before I end, and that is that we’ll always be alright. I am serious about this, honestly you asshole.
One day we’ll meet, for sure. And then we’ll meet again and I’ll be spending more time with you. And maybe after that we’ll attend the same concert, and we’ll cry and we’ll enjoy the fuck out of ourselves. And then maybe we’ll meet again, and we’ll party together cuz we’ll be adults ( haha only legally though) and we’ll get drunk and be each other’s wingmen. Or wingwomen idc. And then maybe one of us will marry, and the other one will be a bridesmaid. And then maybe we both get children and my first daughter will have the middle name ‘grace’ and our children will become friends. And then maybe one of us will get incredibly sad bc that’s life and the other one will come flying in and we’ll both eat icecream and drink vodka like we’re 21 again.
Or maybe all that won’t happen. Maybe we lose touch, maybe we won’t talk in three years from now. But it’ll be alright. Because no matter what, you’ll always have this piece of my heart that’s specially reserved for you. And no matter what road we’ll walk, when I’m sixty and old with saggy tits and a few grand children, I’ll tell them about this wonderful girl I got to meet when I was 14. And that she was an annoying little fucker and that I l o v e d her. That she was the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met, and that she was so nice and kind and beautiful in all these ways she didn’t even realize.
I hope you know that babe.
A happy birthday!
Love you boo
Yours sincerely

Gig challenge!

I felt like doing one, so here goes!
Use every 3rd gif in your gif folder.

1. your parents reaction when they first saw you:

2. how you acted when they took your first picture:

3. what you did on your first birthday:

4. your first day of school

5. your second day of school

6. your first teenage heartbreak

7. when you tried to cook your first meal

8. how your family responded when you came out (cuz this is a queer blog):

9. how your friends responded:

10. when you found your best friend for life:

11. when you went to the concert of your favourite band:

12. your first otp:

13. what you will do/tell your parents when you move out:

14. when you meet your biggest idol:

15. what most of your selfies look like:

16. when you find out you’re gonna have a baby:

17. you’re reaction when the kid is there:

18. how you respond when they come out to you:

19. what you and your spouse/best friend always do when you’re together:

20. how you will die:

21. your very last words:

22. how people respond to your death:

23. your heaven:

24. what kind of ghost you will be:

25. how you forever will be remembered:

I swear I didn’t cheat!
omg, some really don’t make sense!

I tag: evajana-mermaid, hokeydokeyspokey, lonelyconfusedteen and monpetitelapin

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All multiples of 10

10. What is the last beverage you had?
well I’m drinking a water bottle rn

20. Are you starting to realize anything?
I’m starting to realize I should probs go to bed.  I’m tired

30. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
personally, I’d say 2nd yes, 3rd no

40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?
cuz i could lol. sup ryan, how ya doin?

50. Ever used a bow and arrow?
does Girl Scout camp count?

60. Wear slippers?

70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
I never really thought of it.  As long as they’re happy, I’m happy

80. Hot tea or cold tea?
any tea is good tea (srsly tho, raspberry iced tea from dunk’s is the best)

90. Opinions on sex before marriage?
I mean, personally I’m not interested in sex in general really, but hey, if other people are into it, go for it!

Make me admit stuff!
Ask me some!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’m so happy and proud to call you my best friend. You are the best friend I could ask for and even when I’m being shitty you put up with me. You help me with just about every possible thing and it’s amazing. Besides all of the emotional stuff we should take a moment to recognize the fact that you were there for the great Burlington experience 2k14… Yeah… Your the funniest person I have ever met and these pictures don’t even show a fraction of it. Keep doing you cuz it’s perfect. 🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈🎉💕🎈 pepperonipizzapals


First off, and probably the best part of the day, was when I met the voice of GLaDOS from Portal!!!! Which was crazy cuz I’ve never met any famous people before.

I cosplayed as God Tier John Egbert, and my friend dressed up like some skater dude from the 90s. One of the other John Egberts(there were like 5 of us), let me take a picture while holding his warhammer of zillyhoo. They immediately took it away cuz they were worried that I would break it or something, which is completely understandable. But I got the picture and that’s what matters.

I of course went to the Homestuck Q&A pannel as well. I didn’t join the panel because I can’t act in character if my life depended on it. So I just watched it. There were a tonne of other Homestucks around but I didn’t talk to them cuz interacting with people frightens me.

Here are some pics of me with the gang, getting a picture with somebody cosplaying as anime trash.

We spent the rest of the day jumping from event to event, finally finishing off with the king’s game (presumingly from persona 4) played with the most fun people.
If you went and want to like interact, send me a message or follow my tumblr, and I’ll follow back.


That’s freaking sucks, Yesterday I spent my all night to cry a dead that I do not even know, I cried all my tears, it was awful, I watched videos about him, I heard a dedicated music, I saw pictures of him, his smile and his family, I read some thing about his best friend, damn, I cried for two days about Paul Walker, like if I was knowing him, but it’s actually not, so I’ve got to stop, but I can’t, it’s so touching, I miss this amazing actor, I think about his daughter of my own age, I think about his parents, his best friend, Vin Diesel, I think about all peoples who loved him, and then, I realized that, I would never meet him, cuz he died on a fucking accident, he was so young, so nice, he was an amazing actor, an incredible father, a great husband, an adorable son, a perfect friend. He died. Damn.

365 Days

Words cannot describe how many things have changed over the past year. Things, as well as me. I haven’t been able to make sense of most events. Losses. And honestly, I don’t think I ever will. Why? Cuz before I know it, things and people will change again. And again. And again. 

Just 365 days ago I had amazing people in my life. Sienna, my best friend since ever. Ashwin, my ex-boyfriend but still my friend. Bobby, a new friend. Raj, one of my best guy friends. Saba, a friend that I thought more of like a sister. Didi. And Krishna. 

All those forevers and always don’t last a very long time. All the promises and secrets eventually fade away. And then you find yourself where I am, sitting on your bed, staring at some old pictures and wondering what could of been. 

Sienna, you taught me to be a spaz and to be weird. You taught me that there are still innocent people in the world, even if you aren’t anymore. 

Ashwin, you taught me to hope. You taught me to believe in myself and take care of myself, even if you started to tear all that down at the end. 

Bobby, you taught me to enjoy my life no matter what. You taught me that giving people a chance to be in my life might just get me a good friend, even if you aren’t anymore. 

Raj, you taught me to not care. You taught me to have fun and put faith in my friendships, even if I have no faith left for you anymore. 

Saba, you taught me to love myself and the world around me. You taught me to be spontaneous and adventurous, even if you talk shit about me now. 

Didi, you taught me to work hard, have fun, and to be this strong person I have grown up to be. You taught me to never give up and always reach for my dreams, and I love you for it all. 

Krishna, you have taught me to give people chances. You taught me how to trust myself and and the people in my life, and I’ll always remember you for that.  

365 days ago, I had 7. Today, I have 2. 

A year ago I also pictured a lot of things happening by now that didn’t. My acceptance to UIUC. My feelings to get over Ashwin. My health issues getting resolved. My desire to be happy and to be the girl that always laughed and smiled, like I used to. 

Life sucks. Life actually, really truly, blows. There’s hardly been a day in the past year where I haven’t felt sad or cried. In just 365 days, I have lost basically everyone. But I’ll always remember the positive things each person taught me and left me with. I’ll remember them for all the good. 

I need advice like right now ! Ok it all happen on last Firday after lunch.My best friend came and told me someone liked me. The first person to pop up in my head was my crush, but it was the complete opposite it was my best guy friend. I was filping out in my mind mainly becaues we going to prom together as frineds. Fast forward to prom I was really awkward for me cuz my Mom wanted up to hold hands and hug and stuff for pictures. The whole ride there was awkward. When we got there some of the weirdness came of when we sparted for a small bit. Things where ok for a bit. My best friend came with her date and she keep giving me the look like(are u going to say yes or no look) the whole prom. Then my guy friend pulled me to the side and spilled his guts.I stood there and mutted words. He ended up saying he would give me time to answer Sooo yeah….sorry if this disnt make

My year

Recently, I have been thinking about this year since school is gonna be over soon and man, it has not been pleasant. I told myself that I would be a little more outgoing and a better friend but I haven’t done any of that except for attending a con, I really hope I wasn’t as awkward as I felt when people wanted to take pictures of me as Jade that I did well and wasn’t too awkward. I’ve been a lot more confident with my drawing and that makes me happy but there’s still a lot I need to work on (Hands and Feet why you do this?) I’m really not feeling my algebra class this year cuz I completely suck at it, even though I’m trying my best, my parents don’t see that at all really. I’ve also been thinking about my family and like myself in general and the kind of person my family sees me as. They probably used to see me as someone who has going to be successful with a vet career but now I’ve turned to the failure who wants to be an animator. I’m looking forward to 3D animation next year, although I want to specialize in 2D animation, I think it’s good to get some experience with both. I lost my tablet pen which makes me super upset, I’ll have to wait till my birthday to get a new one, it must be somewhere around the house, maybe my room. I have to take a day to look for it, completely. 

Speaking of my birthday, that’s another thing that has dissapointed my family, the fact that I didn’t have a big quince, or a quince  at all, really. I never had like the dreams of having a huge party but I always kinda wanted one with my family, they live so far away that it just can’t happen and it makes me kind of upset. Ever since I , I have very little friends and I feel like a nuisance when I invite them places cuz it seems that I always ask at inconvenient times, when important things are happening. It seems that I can only ever invite people to the movies, which I guess is kind of boring for them and I’m a huge cartoon fan which I feel makes it harder for me to invite people to the movies because I feel like my friends are just not into that anymore. I know my best friend would most likely go with me to like anything but I highly doubt he would enjoy any cartoon movies. I feel like they don’t really have a good time with me when we hang out, I feel like my anxiety gets in the way of my friends having a good time when we hang out and when I finally get comfortable and happier, the time we spent is already over and it’s just a really sucky cycle that I repeat. I wish I were more comfortable with myself, like self-esteem wise, I wanna be healthier cuz I have to be due to my blood tests and it’s really hard when my mom doesn’t really wanna make me healthier things and I can’t cook or she’ll get angry at me. I’m really running out of options because I have to excercise too and I have a pool and I want to swim every day but my swimsuit is non wearable now (thanks little sister) and I don’t wanna go with my mom to try on new ones out of fear that she’ll make fun of me like she has done in the past. 

I rant things on here because even though, I have a couple people I know following me, they follow a lot of people so this will most likely be dismissed and the sad thing is that I don’t really feel any better writing about this, this is only the surface of what I feel and there’s still a long way to go. I’m happier than I was last year but I’m also super confused about everything and it makes me upset on a regular basis.