-involuntary subtle swaying of hips as I walk

-the stupid spread legs thing

-cannot consume a lollipop without sticking my tongue out



-and when friends or acquaintances have religious debates and ask for my input I tell them “heaven and hell can tear each other pieces for all I care”

Naruto the Last

It was excellent.

It was imperfectly perfect.

I never thought Naruto, himself, could be so romantic and so damn honest like that. This kid has grown way too much way too fast I didn’t even notice oh my gosh.

Hinata is a Goddess she’s so sweet and ugh I wish I could articulate what I want to say about the movie—about the animation, the direction SP and Kishi took, the few mishaps that could have been fixed, the good pacing of the romance, the great cinematic fighting scenes, the screentime of chars overall, and so many other things gdi.

But all I can really say is thank you Kishimoto-sensei

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this evening i’ve discovered a new lil band via pandora

and after googling them i found out they’re from atlanta!!!! and they do a lot of local shows!!!!! and I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!

they are called Of The Vine and they’re kind of similar to explosions in the sky!! the 2 songs i’ve heard are called kinderspiel pt 1 and star song and they are both really lovely and i’m so excited because i like them a lot and since they’re kind of small-time AND from atlanta they’ll do shows close by that i can afford to go to!!!! and i’m really glad