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16090) I cut my food into small pieces because it makes me feel like I won't eat as much, but people are starting to notice. Maybe I want them to notice.

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You're probably sick of the sob stories by now, so I apologize if this is a nuisance. I'm a teen, and I have grown up with a sick family my entire life. Because of the insane prices on drugs and procedures, we can hardly get through the week before going under on our bank account balance. My mom had cancer a few years back, and after all of the surgeries and therapies, we are now lower class citizens. Maybe if things were different, we wouldn't have to cut back on food so much.

No, it’s not a nuisance and honestly it’s criminal that you guys have to go through this. I understand the ACA, while it has increased coverage, still can’t solve all the problems.

My family has had its fair share of emergencies, but because of the type of coverage we have, it’s allowed us to go on with our life as per normal. I seriously didn’t understand how crippling it is to be worrying about your bills on top of a serious medical diagnosis, and to have to break the bank to pay for emergency treatment- and always thought that in developed countries, people generally had access to healthcare- until I read all those stories about Americans getting thrown off their insurance. I realise how fortunate I am, and honestly that’s something everyone should have- especially citizens of the world’s largest economy.

For carrots to cook evenly, they need to be cut evenly. That’s easier said than done—unless you watch this week’s Mad Genius Tips video. F&W chopping machine Justin Chapple reveals how to cut carrots into equally-sized pieces. For more great cooking tricks and tips, watch all of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips videos.

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Little Cosette having bad dreams and Valjean doing a big show of checking under the bed and in all of the wardrobes so she knows she’s safe.

Valjean having nightmares about his time in prison and waking up in a cold sweat to find nine-year-old Cosette opening the wardrobes for him to show him that it’s okay.