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*possible trigger warning*

Heyyyy! So this is my second time submitting, and I’ve been having a hard time remembering what a babe I am sometimes lately. Since my last submission where I told all you gorgeous ladies about the boy who finally made me feel beautiful, that same boy broke my heart. I’m still having a hard time picking up the pieces he left behind. I haven’t been handling it well, moving from guy to guy, sleeping around, and feeling totally alone lately. But today I woke up and remembered that I can talk to you cutie pies whenever I need to! That we’re all in this together. So thank you, I love you all. Also, this picture makes me feel gorgeous, because dresses make me feel gorgeous.

anonymous asked:

Jafar, have you ever visited a kingdom other than Agrabah? If not, any kingdoms in particular you'd like to visit?

I haven’t, my dear gray face! I think Agrabah’s a swell city, and run absolutely perfectly! I’m just happy here as I am. However, I would absolutely love, love, love, to visit Arendelle or Corona! Rapunzel and Elsa are such cutie pies and I’d be so happy to meet them. Thanks for the question, and have a delightful, cherry-pie day~!


Opposite Day


Sooo, because foxerica is such a cute human being, here I am sending a pic to her Fox Erica’s Selfie Sunday. (The beach pic is from today, but I’m sort of embarrassed for my lack of make-up, so there’s a pic from a few weeks ago where my face is more decent.)

The theme is people from tumblr I’d like to meet? Okay, so detectivesterek, alphabet-omega, stileshasabellybuttonapackofhales, apackofeels, bc all of them are cutie pies that I like v much. [I WANT TO SEE hoechlinslapsdylansbutt AGAIN, bc of reasons <3]

Also, the amazing writers that I read and love the works and I want to meet them so I can fingirl about their works? They would be bleep0bleep, ljummen, deleted-scenes, foxerica herself AND I KNOW THERE ARE MORE, but ignore my existence and pretend I said everybody’s name.

(You should also follow everyone I just mentioned. Srsly, you’ll thank me so much.)


Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

1. There is a reason why you are where you are and although you may not see it now, when you do, you’ll see the beauty you missed the first time

2. It’s ok to call your mom at 2 in the morning

3. It’s ok to call her crying

4. It’s ok to cry period

5. Whenever you are down, don’t play sad Nirvana or Coldplay songs for too long, blast anything that will drive those thoughts away even if it is One Direction

6. Watch youtube videos when you feel lonely

7. Don’t try and make friends based on how cool they look…your real friends will show their coolness in time and it will be so much better

8. Don’t take 8am’s unless you have to

9. Your grades will be there, but the times driving late at night around the city making memories won’t

10. It takes at least 2 people to clear wrap a car

11. There is always time for a skype call, google chat, or even facetime

12. Make sure you eat before you start drinking

13. Patience, though at bitch at times, is your biggest teacher

14. You have every right to be angry, but do not dwell in it for long for the world will and is going to go on without you and you are meant to be in that movement instead of standing still in anger

15. Have confidence in what you wear, no one else will wear that outfit the way you are

16. Don’t wear open toed shoes to a party you will either have something spilled on your feet or get them stepped on and it’s not worth it

17. Dry cleaner sheets take oil out of your hair

18. Laugh. Even when you don’t feel like it because, it really is the best medicine

19. Singing helps too

20. The people who you can call crying or laughing the first night you are drunk, or the first night you are homesick, and stay on the phone with you are the ones that will stay with you for a lifetime

—  The 20 things I learned last year before I turned 20