The Super Cute Squad

CANCER 😘 when they get all awkward and cute as they talk to you and they look at their feet when their faces go all red and blushed well they have a little smirk on their face its so aweeee

GEMINI ☺️ when they just talk about nothing and ramble on and on and on them they get all caught up in something they said and it’s just the cutest

PISCES 🙈 when they get lost in thought and completely zone out then when you talk to them they are all out of it and just smile at you like you mean the world to them even though we all know they aren’t listening and yet they’re still cuties

LIBRA 😍 when they pay so much attention to you when your talking like they are absorbing every word you say and it means the world to them and their eyes get big it’s just adorable

AQUARIUS😚 when that talk about the most random things and tell the craziest stories then make sure you are listening and paying attention because if you’re not they will start over like why you so cute