my dear friend was so kind and made an actual edit for my story ;-; (isnt’t he and this picture the cutest thing ever?)

the english title is Eventide, but currently i only have it typed out in hungarian – i’ll translate it later once my exams are over and i have the time :)


Infinite Meme: One member

↳ {1/1} Dongwoo

“He’s the type to accept everything even when you joke around. He always has on a brightly smiling face and he’s truthful to the point of being a fool.”  — Sungyeol (after choosing Dongwoo as the kindest member)

When Michael has to leave you and your little girl and go on tour for the first time since her birth, he struggles more than ever before and is constantly homesick and missing his family. Finally, the day comes when you’re all reunited - the tiny bundle of joy escaping from your grasp and stumbling across the airports shiny floor and into her Daddy’s arms as soon as she sees his brightly coloured hair. The smile refuses to leave his face as he pulls you into the hug too, holding in his arms the two most precious people he loves with all of his heart.