The story of the Shinhwa fanboys (Dongwan) & Coco Lee in 2013 (◕‿◕)

1. Shinhwa guests on Chinese Idol where Coco Lee is a judge. 


2. Dongwan posts this message on Shinhwa’s twitter and weibo: 


[Dongwan] The concert was really, really enjoyable. It’s been a long time since we’ve met, and now my heart is filled with Shanghai and all of you~ Personally being able to see Coco Lee so close yet not being able to say a word to her was such a pity. Because I was so nervous, the performance was a pity too.. keke. Let’s meet again in Beijing!! ^^

3. Coco Lee responds to Dongwan’s message on her weibo: 



@Shinhwa My latest album autographed for you! Hope you like it! 


To: Shinhwa
Looking forward to working with you guys one day! 

4. Dongwan responds to Coco Lee’s message on Shinhwa’s weibo: 


[Dongwan] @CocoLee Shinhwa has prepared a CD too ^^ Even now in my Iphone, Before I Fall in Love (her song) is my favorite song! Until the next time we meet~ I hope you stay healthy~! 

6. Shinhwa follows Coco Lee on weibo and posts this message: 


[Admin] Celebrating Shinhwa’s weibo exceeding 100,000 followers~ This is the credit of Shinhwa Changjo! Coco Lee’s surprise gift and today’s Chinese Idol, this weekend is very exciting. The admin will also work hard! 

7. Shinhwa presents 791121 (a Chinese Dongwan fanclub) with their autographed CD to give to Coco Lee:


To Coco Lee~ 
Thanx for Ur Gift
We ♡ it!

♡ U  ^‿^

Coco Lee & Shinhwa collabo! 
Let’s make it happen! Much respect! 

Source: ShinhwaCompany twitter & weibo, Coco Lee’s weibo,  791121’s weibo

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@ryeong9: 옥상달빛과 빅스의 콜라보!!! 나 빼고 신났네 아주 ㅠ 옥달누나들 수줍 립씽 귀욤ㅋ 학연이 첫파트!!!굿 켄 윙크 죽는다 ㅋㅋㅋ 노래 좋아요 나중에 나랑도 같이 하자^^ VIXX & 옥상달빛 <여자는 왜>♪

@ryeong9: Rooftop Moonlight and VIXX’s collaboration!!! They are really excited without me ㅠ Rooftop Moonlight noonas’ shy lip sync is really cute ㅋ Hakyeon’s first part!!! Good. Ken’s wink, I die ㅋㅋㅋ The song is great. Let’s sing it with me too later^^ VIXX & Rooftop Moonlight <Girls, Why?>♪ (cr)