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"what are you doing under there?" To, hmm, Nikann because cute sheep troll in blanket fort is adorable, still trying not to use just Siiena for things like this

Watching a mov…

=>Bleat loudly, realising that there shouldn’t be anyone else in your hive, spinning around, as well as you could in the small space. Nudging your lusus as you did. Did you leave the door to your hive unlocked again… Maa would be upset with you if she figured that one out. And you woudldn’ be to happy with yourself. 

H-howw did you geeeeet in heeeerrreee? W-who arrrree you…

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LEARN2TOLKIEN, his works feature many similar archetypes and he used Bilbo as a mouthpiece so he could put his own poems in the work. To make general poems about common themes in his work and the world all about BAGGINSHIELD is doing it a great disservice. Not everything needs to be about your ship. Go write fanfic instead of this half assed "meta".

OH MY GOD IT’S YOU THE BAGGINSHIELD ISN’T TOLKIEN ANON seriously do you literally have no life other than lingering in the tag for someone to make a post that sounds even vaguely close to tying a ship to the canon so you can launch your little gatekeeping vendetta, it’s really cute 

thing is, tolkien made a decision when he chose bilbo as the mouthpiece narrator for these poems and i specifically paid attention to the ones that he suggested that bilbo wrote, i’m not applying stuff like “troll sat alone on a seat of stone” or “the mewlips” or the stuff tom bombadil spewed in the old forest to bagginshield am i

i’m working within the narrative context. tolkien says that bilbo wrote these pieces, so if we assume that tolkien is right and bilbo wrote those pieces then there should be a reason why he wrote those pieces

art doesn’t exist in a vaccum you know, bilbo didn’t “write” a bajillion poems about home and longing and what could have beens in a complete fucking vaccum. whether or not he wanted to bump uglies with thorin oakenshield is kinda secondary to the fact that he had a serious emotional connection to the quest, and i happen to think the serious emotional connection was because he fell in love during the quest, and if i want to contextualise the poems that tolkien chose to insert into his work as “written by bilbo” as poems that bilbo wrote because of said emotional connection to the quest, then i will do as i damn please and you can kindly fuck off with your “this isn’t what tolkien intended” bullshit

So I’m a hardcore Davekat shipper.  Like to the point where I was pretty much shipping them before I even actually read Homestuck.  That being said, I genuinely love the fact that Dave thinks Jane is extremely hot.  I don’t ship it in any way but just the fact that “cool kid” Dave Strider thinks very highly of the appearance of Jane Crocker, who is a cannonly heavier set female character kind of makes me melt inside.  

this is mah new oc XD yaaay!

her name is ratala contal

her blood is blue and she has lavendar hair!

she loves music and to dance! very friendly as well and she cool!!

her moriral is feferi and she hate equis cuz hes no fun :I

she has a fang too! also kanaya made her some of her clothes so when she preforms for the trolls ( tho equiis not aloud) she can look pretty in dresses and stuff xD

she sing in english and japanese! she writes her own songs and they are pop songz. she can play gutair too! so das mah new oc guyzzz!

I have no vibrant mind

On the contrary, if one were to project the contents of my brain onto a screen, there’d be a repeating reel of two pink-haired Swedish trolls bouncing on a trampoline:  One is up while the other is down.  They are smiling and cooing, and they have a talent for maintaining eye contact.  Sometimes one of their belly jewels slowly exits the abdomen of one to mechanically decapitate the other.

….NICE!  Eggnog is finally for sale.