The Kokonatchi is a cute desktop robot that monitors your twitter feed and notifies you of new messages by changing colors in sync with the emotion of the tweet. Kokonatchi will vibrate if it thinks the tweeter is scared, and to reply directly to the incoming message, just massage it. You can also record up to 20 words (1000 with expandable microSD card) for the little fella to say to you.


♡ MUSIC FOR KISSIN ROBOTS ♡ • listen / pixel hearts credit

beta love ra ra riot // jenny (eqavox remix) studio killers // 8bit love breakbot // my circuitboard city the wombats // daft punk is playing at my house (soulwax shibuya mix) lcd soundsystem // we exist (night drive edit) arcade fire // electric twist a fine frenzy // settle down (feature cuts remix) kimbra // circuit lover she // flash delirium mgmt

Main Theme
  • Main Theme
  • Hans Zimmer
  • OST Interstellar