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How to Make Pop-Up Panda Toast & Bento Sandwiches by Emmymade in Japan

Make your own using this Popup Animal Bread Cutter!

Still haven’t gone to the pharmacy.

I have to wait four hours to take it anyways. I broke down and ate breakfast.

No rush.

Chilling with the babes though. Taught Valentin how to blow a whistle, and he makes plane noises when moving a toy bird through the air like it’s an airplane. It’s cute.

Feeling productive? Maybe not. But enjoying the day. :)

Sorry but my nail polish is so beautiful I just cant even. 

Mint green : first timer
Barbie pink : cascade cool
Royal blue : butler please
Baby blue : Bikini so teeny
Aqua blue : In the cabana
Very light pink : Fiji
Coral : cute as a button
Lilac : Bond with whomever  


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The idea came from the fact that US markets toss out 15 billion dollars worth of fruits and vegetables each year just because they are bruised or discolored. But they are still fresh and edible. I felt there was an opportunity to stop the waste, so Ugly Fruit was born. Ugly Fruit is a stand that makes juice, jams, and dried fruits out of unattractive produce donated from our neighborhood grocery stores. Ugly fruit, pretty yummy!”


Mirim Seo