cute figurines


i’ve never seen a post with all the stuff the kid was selling at the wedding up close so i thought i might as well screenshot it and put it all together. 

i find it odd though how all the stuff as R & F, even though they say eugene at the ceremony and he clearly goes by that now, weird


This little creature’s a two-headed dragon baby who was found crawling around the lava tunnels here in the desert. They’ve got a fiery personality, and if you don’t watch them close enough you’ll find all your pencils chewed and your paper edges singed. Though they may be a handful at first, after a little care is given, you’ll find no pet more loyal nor more snuggly.

This hatchling is made of Sculpey over a skeleton of wire with plastic eyes and a coating of acrylic paint and sealer. They’re very delicate and not meant to be a children’s toy. They’re about 20cm from tip to tail, and about 13cm wide. The perfect gift for fantasy or reptile loving pals or a little treat for yourself, they can arrive in time for the holidays! Purchase them at my Etsy shop!


Name: Christian
Age: 19 years and collector for 12 years

"I collect mainly "Nendoroid" figurines produced by Good Smile Company and Nitro Super Sonico.
So far my goals are:
- Have all the numbered nendoroid!
- Have all the Nitro Super Sonico products (Fanboy powa \ o /)
- And go to Japan and do these errands in Akihabara 3 °!”