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Day 25 - 25th December

It wasn’t until some time past 11am that Naruto opene his eyes and woke up to the chilly morning of Chistmas day.

And also waking up to find Sasuke still in his apartment, lying bedside him and resting his head on Naruto’s shoulder, still asleep.

Naruto blinked once. Twice. Then reached up to rub his eyes. Yep, Sasuke was definitely there. And oh man, did his head hurt, how much did he drink again?

Then images of memories from the night before flooded his mind, and his mouth went dry when the image of he and Sasuke kissing flashed across his mind. R4eaching up a hand, he covered it over his mouth and felt his cheeks burn. Did that really happen? Or was it just a hazy dream?

He looked down at Sasuke, watching as his chest rose and fell with his soft breathing, and felt something tug at his heart. If it wasn’t real, then why was Sasuke leaning against him so lovingly? A part of Naruto wished Sasuke wouldn’t remember, sparing at least the pain of rejection he knew would occur. But another, more rebellious part of Naruto hoped Sasuke remembered, and that if he didn’t then he would make him.

He was never really over Sasuke, no matter how many girls he had tried to date or how many one night stands he had. He knew, just by looking at him, that there was no one who could take his place.

After a while, he felt Sasuke shift beside him, and he looked down to meet bleary black eyes staring up at him, and in that moment Naruto swore his heart nearly stopped beating.

Then Sasuke blinked, and blinked again, and then winced as he rubbed around his temples. Looked like they were both hungover. Sasuke then slowly sat up away from Naruto’s chest, his eyes still on the blonde as Naruto kept his eyes on Sasuke.

Just as Sasuke opened his mouth to speak however, Naruto barged in because he didn’t want to miss his chance again. He would not let it slip through his fingers.

“Before you say anything, Sasuke, I just–what happened last night, I mean…what I’m trying to say is that I-I don’t regret it, a-and I didn’t do it because I was drunk. You don’t have to believe me, but it’s the truth. In fact, for a long time I’ve always wanted–”

But Naruto pushed his lips together tightly when Sasuke held up a hand, his eyes closed and Naruto felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“First of all, don’t talk so fast. It’s too early for me to handle so many words all at once.” Sasuke said tiredly, rubbing at his eyes and cracking his neck, giving his shoulders a roll to loosen them up. Naruto breathed out in relief, and a smile took over his features.

“It’s almost midday, Sasuke. It’s not early.”

“What?” Sasuke opened one of his eyes and looked at him unbelievably, eyes flicking down to a wrist watch which he peered at for a good few minutes, until he was satisfied and looked up.

“It’s midday.” Naruto rolled his eyes at Sasuke reaffirming his original statement, and moved his own arms to stretch up over his head in a long stretch.

“That’s what I just said, bastard. Now maybe your overloaded brain could catch up on what happened  last night?” Naruto knew he was being pushy, but it was the only way to get any answers of Sasuke, who seemed to be replaying the events of last night in his mind. Naruto was surprised when he saw a faint blush colour Sasuke’s pale cheeks, and tilted his head at him.

“So, that really happened, didn’t it?” Sasuke said, not looking at him and Naruto frowned a little.

“Yeah,  it did.” Came his blunt reply, and Sasuke closed his eyes again, rubbing his hands over his face.

Another silence stretched ahead of them, and Naruto waited for Sasuke to speak first. But he didn’t see any intention of doing so from his dark haired friend so he sighed and made to stand up, but was stopped when a hand shot out and enclosed around his wrist.

“Sasuke?” Naruto asked, and Sasuke had his head half-raised, almost meeting Naruto’s gaze but not quite. He squeezed Naruto’s wrist gently and Naruto stared and waited.

“Do you…really not regret it?” Naruto was still silent and Sasuke chose this moment to look up. The moment their eyes met Naruto began to realise that perhaps he wasn’t alone in harbouring less than friendly feelings towards him. Naruto sat back down on the couch but Sasuke still didn’t let him go.

“I meant what I said, Sasuke. Last night was not a mistake. Yeah, it was unexpected, but it wasn’t something I would wish never happened. I’m kinda glad it did, actually.”

Something shifted in Sasuke’s gaze and his hand slipped down from Naruto’s wrist to loosely thread through his fingers, in a comfort-seeking embrace. Naruto smiled slightly and Sasuke licked his lips, and Naruto couldn’t remember the last time he had seen him this nervous.

“Really?” His voice was not harsh, on the contrary it was quite small and it made Naruto return the hand hold by enclosing his hand more tightly around Sasuke’s.

“Have I ever lied to you?” Naruto answered back, and Sasuke parted his lips, before they twitched into a small smile.

“Not that I can ever remember. Always you, more than anyone else, I could trust.” Naruto was unpredictably touched by the sincerity in Sasuke’s words, and his gaze, and just Sasuke in general.

And then Sasuke leaned forward and kissed him, and Naruto kissed back. It was innocent, just a tender pressing of lips against each other, but it communicated to them what words couldn’t. They could speak not only with words, but with their bodies, their actions as well.

They parted with a soft smack of lips leaving lips, and they exchanged a knowing gaze. Sasuke then reached up and tugged on a piece of Naruto’s blonde hair, something he used to do when they were studying Naruto’s room late at night and Naruto lost focus.

“And that shows you I mean it, because your breath stinks right now, idiot.” Naruto chuckled softly at that, raising a hand to wrap around Sasuke’s that was currently playing with his hair.

“Oh right, didn’t get to brush my teeth last night. But hey, you know your breath stinks too.” Naruto pressed his forehead against Sasuke’s, which produced a soft sight from his friend – no, his boyfriend.

“Merry Christmas, Sasuke.” Naruto murmured lowly, and Sasuke’s onyx eyes met his cerulean ones. Sasuke’s hand slipped from his hair to curl around the base of his neck, and Naruto moved both his hands to cup Sasuke’s jaw in a gentle hold.

“Merry Christmas, moron.”

(Phew! Finally finished! I hope you guys enjoyed my little saga, I know I loved writing it. Merry Christmas to all of you gorgeous people, I hope you all have a wonderful day!)