" I feel like you only gonna live that one epic love once , and I think i lived mine with my ex , because just when I think that i moved on , I get a message from him then I get all those flashbacks of the beautiful moments that we lived together , even it was a distance love relationship but it was real , he made me happy , I made him happy, we were so in love. I still remember when we used to talk everyday , every hour , he used to go out from class pretending that he needs to go to toilet just to call me and say I love you , that was so sweet of him! This summer I met 2 beautiful , amazing guys one of them who is 27 years old guy is exactly my type : beard , abs , tall …he was good to me , but when we kissed the first time all i could think about is my ex " what if that was him " , yesterday we spent 3hours skyping till he fell a sleep , it was so sweet looking at him sleeping I couldn’t take my eyes off him until i fell a sleep too! I was so happy , and I realized that only him can make me that happy , he makes me laugh , he makes me feel beautiful and special … I still do love him , I won’t deny that I still hope that one day we’ll live together but I moved on not completely but I have accepted the fact that maybe we’re not meant to be. "

Imagine 💕

you and your boyfriend are having a small argument and when you were about to stand up and leave he said

”don’t .. I’m sorry, stay”

You decide to give in and fall back in his arms cuddling for hours.

September 21st, 2014

This girl added me on Facebook at the beginning of this year. Shortly after accepting, she posted this status and I commented. Immediately after, We started talking. Fell in love instantly. Began dating three days later. She lives a thousand miles away from me. We always dreamed of being together. Living in a small brick apartment. Doing all kinds of cute things together. We planned our whole future out together.

After several months the distance became too much to handle and we broke up. We had a hard time coping with not being together. Saw new people, tried new things, and we both continued to hurt. We’ve never not been in love. We’ve been apart now for several months, and it’s destroyed us both. We need each other. We’ve had so many obstacles in our way.

But not anymore. Tomorrow I’m moving a thousand miles from home, leaving behind my friends, family, and my (now former) band family, to be with the girl I intend to spend the rest of my life with. And we are going to have the life we always dreamed of.

We’ll finally be happy, living our own little fairytale.