(5/5) To end off my self appreciation posts I’d like to talk for the trans day of visibility. I am trans and genderfluid; I crossdress for the sake of looking feminine and passable, but I just wanted to tell all of you that crossdress for fun or because it feels good or makes you comfortable in your own body that you are beautiful, if not outside then inside! I don’t have the courage to crossdress without looking feminine, but, when I come accross pictures of men with beards dressed in girly clothing because that’s what they want, I am in awe. So all of you with beards, body hair, weird bone structure, or muscles, I wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration for me that I may one day be able to crossdress without two or three hours of prep. I know I didn’t speak about women crossdressing in male fashions, but don’t think this post doesn’t work in vice-versa. You are beautiful too and I love all of you.