And here they are all together. All designs from my Disney Tarzan #FunkoFanArt set. Thanks for all the kind comments. These were so much fun to create and I hope they Will Be In Your Hearts forever! ❤️ #Disney #Tarzan #Jane #Terk #Tantor #Reveal #DisneyArt #FunkoPop #originalfunko @originalfunko #graphicdesign #design #toy #collectible #disneygram #disneyside #instadisney #popvinyl #funko #pop #funkovinyl #bymarlon #custompop #edgarriceburroughs #twoworlds

SharkSkin Design working to support our customers at the Point-of-Sale and drive profits.

SharkSkin Design At SharkSkin Design we are constantly researching, reviewing trends and identifying areas of improvement in retail. Many brands don’t know how their product will be displayed at the retailer. Most hope the retailer has their best interest in mind, but with the sheer number of products in a store it’s not possible. We help brands promote their products and get the best placement possible by developing great display programs that attract customers, drive sales/profits and retailers will feel happy to support. Give us a call; we are here to support you.

SharkSkin Design Expands its support for our customers

SharkSkin Design  SharkSkin Design is a leader in developing Point-Of-Purchase displays. Utilizing the best technology to communicate your ideas. Behind this technology are some of the best designers and engineers in the industry, ready to take on your next challenge. The following is a link to one of our projects that you can interact with. These can be utilized to help comunicate your project for internal meetings, presenations with retail buyers, and marketing departments. Give us a call we are ready to take on your next challenge.

As a designer I don’t see these as failures, but ways of testing the market or process.  Some of these products paved the way to much better products to succeed.  Personally I like the Zune, Crystal Pepsi was good.  these two items paved the way for the following, Zune + a much richer experience on the windows 8 phone,  I have to think crystal pepsi roll out was looked at when pepsi marketed real sugar in Pepsi and Mountain Dew,  both of which moved from a special one time deal to now a regular mix on store shelves.