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At the store I work at we take hangers off of the clothes and hang them up on racks. It was really busy today and this inconsiderate customer left a pile of them in front of me so I started to put them back and the person next in line takes the pile and moves them so they're out of my reach just so I could check her out faster and then said "I'm a customer and I am priority" I hate these assholes...

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isn’t retail joyous?

Retail is the cesspool of humanity laid bare, presented in its purest form. You do menial work for the lowest incentive your masters can get away with. You are told what to do by people you don’t like to serve people you don’t care about. You are dismissed as stupid and useless by those above you, looked down up on by society at large, and pitied by your friends. But hey! Its okay! If you pay the company money, you can wear jeans on Fridays! Perhaps one day, if you’re really lucky and the Lord Governer, your wonderful store manager, is in the right mood, you can be treated like a human fucking being for a few minutes! God forbid the customers think you’re anything but a malfunctioning automaton put specifically on this Earth to serve them. Because the second they see that badge with your name on it, not only are you not a real person anymore, it is your life’s goal to meet every one of their trifling little needs. And you’d better do every last trifling little thing they demand of you because if they so much as hint to one of your All Knowing and All Powerful Supervisors that you have so much as cast glance in a customer’s direction without apologizing for your very fucking existence,they’ll get you fired! And you little lower class shitbags can’t afford to lose your jobs or you’ll join the rest of the poor little fucks they can’t be bothered to think about because YOU AREN”T THEM.


Dear Customers,

STOP glaring at me because I am recounting your money. You saying “This is twelve” is NOT any kind of confirmation, especially if you hand me a pile of mostly singles. I’m not only making sure you didn’t hand me under your total, I’m making sure you didn’t give me too much. I’m not saying you’re lying by counting again, it just happens to be my job to make sure for your sake and mine. K? Cool. Thanks. 

Working in retail taught me not to be an asshole...

I don’t understand how anyone that has worked in retail can think it’s okay to be an asshole to other people in retail.

There was this time I went to McDonalds for breakfast and asked for the sausage and egg snack wrap, but they gave me the McMuffin instead.

I went up to the cashier, and apologized for bothering them because it was rush hour and explained to them politely that there had been a mix up. I also asked if I could be refunded the difference because the McMuffin was more than the snack wrap.

The lovely cashier apologized for the inconvenience and gave me a full refund on the McMuffin. After she gave me my snack wrap, I reminded her that I hadn’t yet paid for it, and she replied “No worries, you can have that for nothing, sorry for the mix up.”

I was almost speechless, I even asked “Are you sure?” because I felt bad just taking it. Seriously, I wouldn’t have minded paying.

But it also reminded me that some places do still care about polite customers, and that they don’t just let the rude customers have their way all the time, because that is one thing that ticks me off more than anything - the way we ‘reward’ rude customers. The way we give into their demands. They way we give them what they want even when they’ve just treated the staff like shit.

We should not be encourage this sort of behaviour, we should be thinking of the polite customers and encouraging good manners.

But that's how I found it!

One of my customers today brought up a full shopping tote of stuff. As I started scanning her clothes in, I noticed how a maxi dress that’s normally $44.94 came up as a perfect tank for $8.50. I showed her this and said it may have been an error at the factory and kept going after manually keying in the actual SKU. I’ve played this game before and I didn’t need her to start screeching about me accusing her of anything.

We keep going and MORE of her crap is coming up in my computer as the wrong items and prices. Upon further inspection it seems that the vast majority of her full prices items are either coming up as miscellaneous clearance items under $10 or tanks.

Thanks to policy we can’t openly accuse a customer of swapping out tags or tampering with price stickers. This woman swore up and down that this is how she found the items and we *have* to honor the prices. Bullshit, lady. I’m not selling you a $45 dress for $8. Get your head out of your ass, I wasn’t trained as a cashier yesterday. She ended up abandoning 3/4 of the purchase and I had to rip off all the tags and turn them over to my LOD because of them being tampered with.

Do customers really assume we’re that stupid to not catch them doing this? Each item’s SKU and name comes up in my computer during scanning. I’m going to know if a full priced denim jacket is coming up as random clearance item.

A long line of customers is up front, so I call people over to my register.

Customer: *walks over* I just need $X in quarters for my laundry.

Me: …Oh, I’m sorry, but I can’t open the drawer unless there’s a sale.

Customer: Are you serious?

Me: Yeah, I’m really sorry, sir.

Customer: No, MY LAUNDRY IS SORRY. *walks off* This is fricking ridiculous.

We’re. Not. A. Bank.