You have selected the race Crystal. Next choice: talent.

  • Artist: Socially awkward and usually introverted, very low communication skills. Prefers to keep to themselves and their hobby, but enjoys spending time with close friends every now and then.
  • Musician: Extremely sociable, tends to stick to the more exquisite things in life, such as fine dining and fancy jewelry. Very clean, very organized. Does not like straying from the schedule.
  • Baker: Average sociability but excellent customer communication skills. Usually specializes in breads, pastries, or desserts. Tends to be very friendly but does not take kindly to rude ponies.
  • Florist: Easily excitable but usually very calm and nurturing. Loves insects such as bees and ladybugs, treats them like pets. Fragile emotions easily lead to meltdowns and snapping under pressure.
  • Generic: Just a generic pony with a generic cutie mark. Personality differs depending on the talent chosen.

Talent selection?


Device Creative Collaborative    |

"Event planner Lisa Vorce wanted a custom invitation that would create conversation and excitement about her clients’ upcoming Native American-inspired wedding in the desert of Arizona. Drawing from those influences, we designed the form and function of a small teepee, complete with skewers as support beams."

Device is a design studio based in Winston-Salem, NC, honoring the craft and getting our hands dirty as often as possible.

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Columbia Abstract 2013/14 publication by Wade Jeffree

"This years Abstract is based on attraction and repulsion. A metaphor always present in the teachings of former Dean, Mark Wigley during his 10 year tenure. The University attracted students to NYC to study and then repelled them into the world to experience Architecture within the field, around the globe. The publication features an extruded PVC ‘A’ encapsulating iron shavings that can be moved around cover with the accompanying magnet. It also features a custom typeface entitled ABTRACT."

Wade Jeffree is a New York based Designer, Art Director and metal-loving Vegan from Melbourne, Australia. He believes that the effectiveness of strong, clear, and visually arresting communication is the best way to reach an intended audience. Each and every project is approached with an insatiable amount of interest and enthusiasm, and yields an intricately constructed result. 

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Grunge and Dark Crop Top Set

This is a set of three printed black crop tops with a dark grunge edge. 

  • Cats - several cat faces printed on a black crop top.
  • All Seeing - An amulet printed on a black crop top
  • Normal People - TV series reference print on the black crop top

Standalone items. 

You can download them from Mediafire or from my TSR minisite


August 14, 2014 – Delray Beach Custom Estate

8975 Valhalla Drive
Delray Beach, Florida
$1,199,000 | 5 Bedrooms | 5.1 Bathrooms | Approx. 6,907 sq. ft.

Grand Custom Estate with Home Theatre. Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in the Mizner Country Club, this one of a kind estate offers private views of the lake and the golf course. This beautiful contemporary European style home with an elegant marble paved circular drive boasts five bedrooms and five and one-half bath.

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A set of three pairs of fashion leggings. 

You can find them in the accessories menu and can be paired with skirt or shorts.

It is a stand-alone item with its own swatches menu with custom thumbnails. 

Available for download here!

Happy Valentines Day ya cutie patooties!

Little White Dress Boutique (Est. 1904) - Making you the best dressed on the best day of your life. 
I had so much fun making this, forreal. I am a sucker for wedding related things. My game FINALLY exported this but there’s CC files included just in case. 


  • Do not claim as your own or reupload anywhere. I worked so hard on this and I’ll beat you if you try to take credit for it.
  • Not required but if you use this in your pictures or your story I would LOVE for you to tag me so I can see!

Oh and there’s pictures! ( A lot )

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The Sims 4 set of 7 racer back tank tops. This is a stand alone set so you don’t have to fumble through shirts to find it.

Tattoos Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Victorian pattern, Rainbow ribcage, Skull and lips, Color Shot eye, American Traditional Barber, & Gone With The Wind.

Download here


Athens DGR after party.

Now THAT is a communal garage

avoiding controversy is a HUGE roadblock for LGBTQ awareness like if you are in charge of a business or school or whatever and you claim to support LGBTQ rights but refuse to allow LGBTQ movements/campaigns/etc for the sake of not having to deal with controversy then you can’t help the cause at all and you are shitty

Dark Metallics Set

for TS4

A dark collection consisting of four standalone items:

  • Black Shirt with pyramid buttons
  • Watercolor printed skirt
  • Pyramid stud bandeau
  • Curves printed skirt

You can download them from Mediafire or from my TSR minisite once they’re up, most likely on 19 nov. :)

Hope you enjoy! ^^