Service Your Customers Right: Communication is Vital

You’ve worked hard to earn your clientele, and you’re not about to let them go. But in a crowded marketplace, how can you be sure your customers will remain loyal and not jump ship to a competitor? By providing them with extraordinary customer service via outstanding communications.

It’s been said that a key to success is imagining every person with a sign around their neck that says, “Make me feel special.” This is a fantastic practice to put into place when dealing with customers as well. From the top of an organization to the bottom, each person who works there is an integral component to that business’ success. Therefore, each person you communicate with should get the best and most accurate story from you, enabling them to do their jobs most efficiently.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Pieces of critical information may be fuzzy, or altogether missing. In the transportation and logistics industry, anticipated load arrival times - quite possibly the very information your customer needs in order to run their business properly - may be anyone’s guess. This lack of detail my unwittingly cause an entire negative trickle-down effect for your customer, causing their workflow to be disrupted. Naturally, this is not the kind of experience you want to deliver to your customers.

The fix is simple: Seek out and invest in systems or technologies that can make communicating important information to your customers as effortless as possible. By utilizing the finest in telematics, TransFUSION Network employs GPS technology and a highly detailed, real-time map to pinpoint each and every power unit and trailer in your fleet. Tracking a load, down to its exact location, can give you the information you need to best prepare your customers for either an on-time delivery or a deviated arrival time. This distinct and explicit information can save your customers frustration by helping them plan ahead.

Outstanding interactions with your customers could well be the factor that sets you apart from your competitors. Investing in TransFUSION Network to enhance your current telematics systems can aid in keeping your customers happy and loyal - which can certainly lead to repeat business and referrals down the road.

Consistent communication is essential

Consistent communication is essential

Tomorrow’s post is in part about consistent communication, so this catch by Kelly Kautz about 2 tweets from Delta this weekend seems like a good intro.

When your message is not consistent, you can expect the unhappy reactions found in the comments to that tweet.

Communicating while considering the conversation going on in the minds of your clientele is essential, but you’d better be sure all of…

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Why UGC (user generated content) matters and Why businesses need to encourage it.

Each and everyday our web changes. Over the past 5 years we have seen a massive shift towards social conversations platforms like Facebook & Twitter which have exploded and brought with them a whole world of new content. This content was not created by famous writers, nor was it created or dreamed up by fluffy marketers. It was created by regular people.

But before we get into ‘why user generated content matters’ let me be clear on just what UGC actually is, why it is becoming a major part of Search #Fact and why businesses also have a part to play in UGC.

We have developed into a society which likes to share, and by sharing I mean digitally share. UGC is content which we upload to a website or social media platform, examples of such content include Audio, Photography, Video, Written & Reviews. Now it’s no secret that I am not a fan of mass marketing. Nowadays we are subjected to so many advertising messages coming from a variety of different channels that, as businesses and marketers, we really need to take a step back and look at what messages are actually reaching the customer, or being lost. It is now generally accepted that peer recommendations online are more likely to lead to a sales conversion and that the attachment or advocacy connected with user-generated content can indeed be a powerful tool to strengthen and grown your consumer base. All of which matters in the competitive space of trying to win customers online.

Research carried out has shown that more than 8 in 10 say user-generated content from people they don’t know influences what they buy and indicates brand quality, while 51% say it is actually more important than the opinions of their friends and family, and far more trustworthy than website content. *Source Talking to Strangers Millennials Trust people over Brands Jan 2012*

Now for me, as an online customer engagement fanatic, the whole user generated content area excites me a lot. As I see it there is a massive opportunity for businesses, especially the small ones, of become big players. If they can get it right. B Building Brand advocacy via social media can really boost their business. Where many of the businesses fail is getting it right. They sit on the fence way to long, dip their toe in the water or put in a half ass effort. I’ve always found in the past with using social media you need to go all in, a bit like poker, to see any of the benefits. The generation of this content for the business comes at very little cost but some effort, although it is worth pointing out it can come with it’s own problems highlighting the negative downside of a business which underperforms.

I’ve included some steps, which you can take to start the ball rolling, encouraging the creation of user generated content amongst your customers.

• Ask and encourage customers to post reviews and comments on their experience with your brand, business or service. Include links to trusted review sites.

• Using User generated content websites such as Tripadvisor attract search engines visitors linking your site through UGC are contributing towards improving your ranking and increasing your visibility via the search engines.

• Create content which connects with the needs of your customers to grow UGC

• Encourage Discussion. The reason social media has been so explosive is because of its discussion aspect. It’s created outside of ‘actual’ physical conversations and is a place where people can talk, share experiences and ideas at the touch of a button. Within your business social space online encourage customers to suggest ideas which will contribute towards the success of your business. Ask their opinion on your products or services and how you could improve on them.

To sum things up, encouraging customers of your business to create UGC will contribute to your overall business marketing efforts. As the research shows earlier in the blog, 51% say UGC is actually more important than the opinions of their friends and family, and far more trustworthy than website content.

In a nutshell, your customers the ‘Users’ want to generate the content so at all opportunities encourage this. Of course from time to time the content generated may not be as positive as you wanted but managing the process will have the biggest impact and create more leads which will win you business. By providing great customer service within your business and by responding online you will be rewarded and further incentivise fans to create good content.

Simple rules for better outbound content

Writing outbound sales content doesn’t need to be hard - but many people spend a lot of time making it both harder and less effective. I’ve tried to come up with some simple rules to help

The basic rules are

·         Keep it simple

·         Keep it short

·         Keep it clear

·         Keep it actionable – what do you want to happen?

·         Write from customer perspective. What do they need. Why would they care. Etc

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World of Mouth

It’s now easier than ever for people to speak about their experiences with our business, brand, service or products. What was once word of mouth has now exploded or some might say imploded and is now classed as world of mouth. Real time communication platforms and channels such as Twitter and Facebook have given consumers the opportunity to share their experience with your business, brand, service or products, good bad or otherwise in as little as 140 characters relaying the message to friends and followers both local and anywhere in the world. Many businesses particularly on a local level are at times missing a trick and failing to embrace these types of communications and use them to engage and interact with their customers.

The flip side of this coin is that according to research carried out by direct agency Targetbase Claydon Heeley (TBCH) to build better relationships with the public, 41% of consumer’s state that brands needs to “listen to what customers have to say – and act on it”.

More businesses particular those SMEs need to look at using the new communication channels. This will give them a way of interacting with their customers, and at the same time using these communication channels as a way of actually improving their business. A lot of businesses today still see rewards and loyalty schemes as a way to give a little back to their customers but for many customers, myself included, its more about an experience and actually having a good experience which I have found to be the fundamental principles of good relationship marketing and will far out weigh the short term goals in the long run.

The survey carried out by TBCH identified six key values that consumers appreciate in the brands. They want to feel respected, worry-free, informed, confident, understood and organised. The survey went on to find that on the other side of the scale customers are less interested in brands that try to make them feel clever, loved, stylish, up to the minute, empowered, exclusive and excited.

Within social media many brands are trying to incorporate this into their strategy but just not getting the correct mix for it to work effectively. There are some brands that have embraced this form of communication and used it to their advantage giving them an opportunity to assist and solve problems for their customers and to invite them to respond and share their experiences of a particular brand. One such brand which has excelled and benefited in this form of communication is Jet Blue. The airline uses the social media platform Twitter as a way to interact and engage with its customers while enabling its travellers to post questions and comments about its services and allow Jet Blue to build customer service capability with people on the move.

All businesses no matter how small or large can start to benefit from world of mouth by embracing social media platforms in a proactive way. It gives businesses the chance to engage and interact with their customers on a one to one basis, give their input and also raise any possible concerns or issues which they may be experiencing.

At 10thstep we love helping SMEs interact with their customers and we can help you get to grips with using social media tools more effectively for your business. Why not give us a shout and lets us help you explore the world of mouth.

Customer communications drives overall consumer trust

According to The Role of Trust in Consumer Relationships, a new research study released by global customer data provider Pitney Bowes Business Insight, customer communications is crucial in the creation of trust which, in turn, determines 22 to 44 percent of customer loyalty, this affects the length of customer relationships, business profitability and customer advocacy and word-of-mouth experience sharing.  [More] 

ROMWE - Review -

♥ Items sponsored by ROMWE .

。;・+ヾ(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ゚:。・+ Hellow guys ! It’s been a while since I reviewed items so I would like to review these three items that I find really interesting on their website . 

The items that will be reviewed in this post are the:

Embroidery Lace Short Sleeve String Tie Top

Animal Print Blue T-Shirt

Flouncing Flare Blue Skirt

Shipping + Packaging :  5/5

Romwe team kindly provided me with a tracking number which I found really useful in the later stages. The packaging was secure as each item was wrapped individually and placed within another plastic bag. 

Customer service + Communication :  5/5

The marketing department of Romwe placed this order for me ~ They are really wonderful and nice people. They personally emailed me when the package is sent which made me feel really loved as a customer/reviewer/sponsor. They always replied to my questions the next day . Thank you guys ♥

Embroidery Lace Short Sleeve String Tie Top

Stock photo :

Sleeve length:42cm
Measurements taken from size Free Size.
Hand Cool Wash

Type :Sheer Pattern Type :Plain Sleeve Length :Short Sleeve Color :White Material :Lace Style :Streetwear Collar :V Neck

      package :

      close up to details :

      other close up :

      I’m totally in love with it, and  it’s probably the perfect weather to wear it right now since  is so hot outside .

      me wearing it :

      Animal Print Blue T-Shirt

      Stock photo : 

      Sleeve length:16cm
      Measurements taken from size Free Size.
      Hand Cool Wash

      package :

      close up to the details :

      The shirt is really nice and comfortable . It’s baggy and I think it makes the shirt even cuter . I also like how the design goes . This is just so perfect and ugh .

      Flouncing Flare Blue Skirt

      Stock photo : 

      Measurements taken from size S,M,L
      Hand Wash Cold

      Pattern Type :Plain

      Silhouette :A Line Dresses Length :Mini Color :Blue Material :Polyester Style :Fashion

      package :

      close up to the details :

      This skirt has a zip at the back .The skirt fits me perfect.The design remind me of a tennis skirt.

      other close up :

      me wearing the  shirt + skirt :

      Comfortableness + Quality : 5/5

      This items are  just amazing~  I tend to fit nicely into once-sized items and those  ones aren’t an exception.

      The skirt is close to being amazing. But it fits nicely around my waist.The material is surprising quite thick!

      Overall : 5 / 5

      I really like this outfit and just like all the other ones, it has been a wonderful experience! The items are quite high in quality too.

      Thank you for reading my review ! Have a great day ! :3

      On 30 January, a mesmerizing report was launched at the Asia-Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting on HIV in Bangkok: The Right(s) Evidence—Sex Work, Violence And HIV In Asia: A Multi-Country Qualitative Study . It is a ground-breaking piece of work for several reasons. It involved an unusual collaboration among governments, sex-worker organizations, communities, UN agencies, and regional agencies in Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It is full of fascinating insights into the lives of women, men and transgender people in the sex industry. It finds compelling evidence of widespread violence. It provides thoughtful, evidence-based analysis on causes and possible solutions. It points to a culture of impunity among the police, doctors, and other powerful players that in turn increases the threats of violence, trauma, disease and despair among sex workers, and by extension their families, communities, and customers. It’s full of first-person accounts.The ultimate juicy news story, and you’ve never heard of it.

      Meena Saraswathi Seshu, secretary general of activist organization Sampada Gramin Mahila Sanstha (Sangram), one of the co-authors of the report, talked with me after I had read the report. I know Seshu. She is articulate, and smart. She knows both the media and the landscape of sex work, having organized sex workers for decades. She fully expected the report to create a splash, but instead, she told me, it was greeted with “absolute and total silence”.

      “It was launched in Bangkok—nobody wrote about it. It was launched in Myanmar—nobody wrote about it. The UN distributes it—nobody writes about it. Media came to all the events. People from TV, people from newspapers—they interviewed people like the study’s interviewers, who were all sex workers themselves. And then nobody wrote about it.”

      Now, dear reader, you and I both know that sex and violence sell papers. So, when Seshu told me, and I checked to confirm, that the news media everywhere failed to report on this story, I had to scrap my original intention of writing about the report—and there is much worth writing about—and simply ask why nobody else has written about it.At the Myanmar launch, there was an excellent press note, sex workers and other experts were available for stories, and nobody wrote a thing. “What are they so scared about?” wonders Seshu.

      I don’t know the answer. I do know that it’s not that there was no space or interest on those days. In the last few months, in various news outlets worldwide, you would have found a picture of the Pope hugging a weeping 12-year-old Filipina who asked him why God allows child prostitution; breathless accounts of various elected officials caught with their pants down; stories of sex workers who have been murdered in the US; stories about how the good citizens of Rome plan to herd their sex workers into designated areas where innocent babies and nuns won’t have to breathe the same air…the list goes on. But apparently nobody wants to write about a serious report that takes an honest look at sex workers’ lives and at the culture of impunity that exposes them to violence.

      Kay Thi Win, a peer interviewer from Myanmar, says in the report: “This research is important for us. We often hear that a sex worker faces violence from different people, but we don’t have the evidence so that we can identify the causes and find solutions to reduce her risk to HIV. Once this research is published, we will hear the voices of sex workers and how they cope with violence.”

      “The culture of impunity,” Seshu told me, “is so much that even the media is scared to touch it. The data is very clearly saying that the police are the biggest violators. At the report launch in Nepal, the police walked out! They didn’t believe we had talked to sex workers even though the sex workers were there.”

      Putting the finishing touches on the Ink Monstr building wrap!

      For a long time, Ink Monstr has had a vision of creating a landmark with our building. Sun Valley has been ignored and avoided for a long time, written off as a neglected stepchild neighborhood. Ink Monstr is taking a stand against that, and we hope this is a step that inspires others towards the beautification of Sun Valley.

      Big shout out to 3M Commercial Graphics, Mutoh, and Dreamsoft 3D for assisting in this project.

      repost from @toms_hanks
      Friday Mail call from @rustic.edc.homestead
      This made my day! Please go give him a follow and check his work out. #stoked #handmade #homestead #EDC #EDCShowcase #everydaydump #everydaycarry #custom #madeinusa #community #imLovinIt
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      When In Mexico. || Harlena

      Hearing her phone vibrate on the dresser beside the bed, Selena picked it up quickly, reading the message on the dimly lit screen and couldn’t help but chuckle to herself. Dropping the towel from her body, she slipped into a black, strapless sundress, and white sparkly flip flops, before maneuvering her way through a few crowds of people, making her way into the lobby of the hotel. She couldn’t complain at all; the hotel was surprisingly cheap considering how fancy and elegant it appeared to be. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling of the lobby. The walls were a soft creme color, which perfectly matched the tiles beneath her feet. As beautiful as the hotel was, it wasn’t the favorite part of this vacation so far. 

      Mexico was always her favorite place to visit, it reminded her so much of her own culture, her first and only home. She was familiar with the food, the language, the customs. She could easily communicate with the natives here, considering Spanish was her second main language. The scenery, the beach, the food, it was all like heaven to her. The instant she arrived, most of her stress and worries vanished. It was as if the air had a positive vibe, that it was calming and peaceful, making her feel relaxed, and with everything she’s been dealing with lately, this was exactly what she needed. Although, not everything was this easy to overcome, that’s why she needed someone to stay with her, just for a little while. She couldn’t be alone right now, not anymore. Over time, having nobody by, or even on your side gets a little lonely. 

      Stepping outside into the warm air and familiar sunshine, her eyes wandered her surroundings, immediately coming across her vehicle, and sure enough, there was Harry, laying on top of it just as he said. Letting a little giggle part her lips, the brunette made her way over to the tall, handsome male, a bright smile spreading across her features. “I’ll be honest and say I seriously thought you were just joking around.” she couldn’t help but laugh, as she hoped up on the hood of her car beside him. Her arms gently wrapped around him, giving him a friendly squeeze. “Hi.”

      Hello fellow studyblrs, artists and followers!

      YOU can design the very first Limited Edition Passion Planner and win $3,000 in cash! ✒️

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      To our Passion Planner Family,

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      Full details at

      When customers ask you a question as if it’s their first time crafting a sentence and then interrupt you to continue babbling, as if you couldn’t understand their very simple question, and then attempt to guess the answer to their own question.

      Customer: “If I’m coming there, where do I need to go? How do I get there? What store do I need to park at? What’s the closest department store to you?

      Me: We’re closest to–

      Customer: Do I go over to Costco, or should I go by Macy’s, or is on the other side of the mall? or would it be better to go to the Food Court? Upstairs of downstairs?

      Me: *feels brain cells dying* plz just let me tell you!

      Free Readings until May 15!!

      I decided I am going to continue offer free tarot and oracle readings until May 15th! After that I will be back in school for summer semester and won’t have a lot of time to do courtesy readings. At that time you guys can go to my store to purchase readings and some other cool handmade crafts :) I will also be adding more reading options at that time for spirit guide, spirit animal, and intuitive readings. If you would like one of those before the 15th, they will be 2.00$ and you can select the 3 card reading on my shop to submit your payment. I will also throw in an extra reading with that, for you or a friend! But for now FREE READINGS!! ♡


      The Peer-to-Peer Economy Goes Mainstream

      As we highlighted in a recent podcast, the peer-to-peer economy is transforming us from a society of middlemen (factories, distributors, corporations) into a society of independent producers capable of interacting directly with customers and like-minded communities. But now the P2P economy is being acknowledged by the mainstream as they attempt to play catch up on an idea that is threatening to topple the old system of control.

      eibhlis97 asked:

      those american girl doll accessories sound amazing. if they were that cool hen i got my doll there is no way would have picked anything but Samantha. Also, I don't know why there are all those modern clothes. who buy an american girl doll for modern clothes?

      I mean, I like the modern dolls in and of themselves because, as the person who started that thread pointed out, they’re some of the best representationally of the whole doll market, and I’ve been poking around the custom doll community for years.

      But the historicals were my fave, and Samantha was my fave of faves. I just feel like her original clothes and accessories were more authentic and more historically accurate. When I was a kid, I promised myself I’d buy the whole collection, all $800 worth of it, but by the time I had the money, it no longer existed outside of Ebay where it’s… much more expensive than that.

      And now I don’t have the money anymore, so it’s moot, I guess.

      I have two modded, customized dolls: a Rosabelle and a Kierael. Look forward. That’s all we can do.

      So I’m gonna start working on my first video tomorrow, it’s gonna be just a basic overview of BJDs…

      For future videos I’m thinking of covering: Where to buy BJDs; Where to buy BJD clothes; Basic BJD maintenance; BJD Sizes; How to join the Community; BJD Customization (Eyes, Wigs, Faceup materials); BJD aesthetics; BJDs on a budget; BJDs at Cons…

      Any other topics I should cover?

      corbettreport - Published on Apr 28, 2015 As we highlighted in a recent podcast, the peer-to-peer economy is transforming us from a society of middlemen (factories, distributors, corporations) into a society of independent producers capable of interacting directly with customers and like-minded communities. But now the P2P economy is being acknowledged by the mainstream as they attempt to play catch up on an idea that is threatening to topple the old system of control

      Their madness and all it’s controls are obsolete and we can begin to stop complying with it. Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy via @3tags_org