How US Consumers Define Brand Loyalty – and What Drives It | Marketing Charts 

"…asked which best represents customer loyalty, respondents were most likely to agree with the following:

  • A customer that shops at “Company X” for the quality of the product even though they are more expensive (51%; top-5 box on a 10-point scale);
  • A customer that tells family/friends to go to “Company X” (41%); and
  • A customer that forgives a mistake made by “Company X” and continues shopping there (40%).

Notably, respondents were less likely to define loyalty on the basis of liking or sharing brand content on social media.” 


I don’t know if this is true everywhere, but where I work, customers tend to shout an emphatic “NO” at every question you ask without taking half a second to process what you are actually saying.

Me: “Hi, do you need some help”

Customer: “No…” and then in literally the same breath “… where are your printers?”

Me: “Do you have a loyalty card—?”

Customer: “NO THANKS!”

Me: *rings up and as receipt is printing*

Customer: “Oh, here is my card thingy for your store.” *whips out loyalty card*

Customer: “I want 10 copies of this 50 page document.”

Me: “Do you want them stapled—?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: *makes copies and hands them customer*

Customer: “Can you staple these for me?”

Me: “Do you want a 2 year warranty with that?”

Customer: “No, it will break before then.”

Me: “… well… that’s what the warranty is for—”

Customer: “I SAID NO! NO NO NO!”

Me: “I can’t find your order, ma’am. Would it be filed under a different name—?”

Customer: “NO!!!!!”

Me: “Oh, here it is under a different name.”


Oh god, Andy has just started to be nice to me, and now I’ve sent his girlfriend into the arms of a younger man! And I cc-ed him on every incriminating memo: ‘Pete and Erin, don’t hold back! Our social media presence should be hot, hot, hot! Go at it vigorously!’ I did everything but unzip their pants for them. Oh god, Nellie!