game typography challenge

DAY SIX: favourite typeface (georgia)

Let me tell you a story: 

My boyfriend and I bond a lot over our mutual love of Magic:The Gathering. We deck test together, we go to tournaments together, hell we’ve even combined collections(I know, big step). With this bonding comes an inherent knowledge of each other’s playstyle and guild choices; his Izzet, mine Selesnya. I’m not a blue player by any stretch-nor do I enjoy being countered- which, with our guild choices I’m sure you can imagine comes up semi-regularly.

So this year on Valentine’s Day…

After working an 8 hour graveyard shift I returned home at 7:30 am to find Kim’s Orb awaiting me. This 4 drop legendary artifact is basically the card of my dreams: A counter to counters

The card of my dreams had been created for me by the man of my dreams. 

He had even printed it on cardstock for me and has plans to get it printed by a professional card printing company in the near future.

Although you won’t be seeing this card popping up at any sanctioned event any time soon, I’m in love with it and I know where my vote for best Valentine’s Day card is going.


After taking a look at the mechanics of the card Peter has updated it for me. <3

Bloody Book Photo Challenge (October)

Books About Books

Okay you know that one meta in which I mentioned my completely unscientific Destiel dudebro bar polls?

I was not making that shit up. Here’s some actual conversations I had tonight with straight male viewers in their late twenties.

Guy: How’s your night going?
Me: Oh, terrible. I’m missing my favorite TV show because I got called in.
Guy: What TV show?
Me: Supernatural.
Other guy: Kelsey, you know you just watch it because Dean’s a hottie.
Me: You’re damn right. Dean Winchester can get it.
Guy: Eh, I dunno, personally I think Cas can get it. But like, older Cas. Not in season four. Season ten Cas can get it.

*Some Time Later*

Guy: You don’t even know my name, we’re not really friends.
Me: Look here, Matt, anyone who is down to fuck with Castiel is a friend of mine.
Guy: So you’re friends with Dean?

*Some time later*

Regular: So how’s your night?
Me: TERRIBLE. I got called in to work and I’m missing Supernatural.
Regular: Me too but I’m DVRing it.
*involved conversation about the 200th episode and how great it was*
Me: Personally I’m just waiting for Dean to realize he wants to make out with Cas.
Regular: RIGHT?! *Deep gruff voice* Cas, I need you. Cas, come back to me. Dean, I need you too, I’ll never leave you again. *slobbery kissing noises*

*Some time later*

Regular: I thought I’d mosey on over here, nibble your ear a little.
Me: Gross, do not do that.
Regular: I mean, what? I don’t even like girls.
Me: Alright now, Dean.
Regular: *deep gruff voice* I’m saving myself for Castiel.
Me: Trust me, we all know.

So, you know, it’s not completely Tumblr Shippers versus Casual Viewers. Some casual viewers are picking up on it too.