So I did some stuff to my Casta! I like to think this is what she looks like the other 364 days of the year. I gave her some peachy/nude lipstick, took off her lower eye shadow/mascara and replaced it with some simple black liner. Her eyes are a little wonky, but they were wonky originally so I’m okay with that :) I also painted her shoes, and I plan to add some sparkly silver to them too.



London-based service combines digital art and design and knitware fashion to produce customized clothing - video embedded below:

What if there was a different way that meant designers could offer more to their customers? What if customers could define what is made, letting them make their wardrobe their own?

We started Knyttan to remove the layers between designers and customers – and by doing so, give everyone a better choice.

In a world of unlimited choice, we help you to find the perfect item. The shape of our clothes is fixed by our fashion team so you know everything fits well. Our colours are chosen by each designer, so you know that everything will look good. All our products are made in the finest Italian Merino wool so you know it will last.

You can find out more and start editing designs at their website here