In his course “Doctor Who Class,” offered to students and the local community at no charge, Professor Anthony Rotolo of the Newhouse School kicked off the class with the Otto Tunes’ a cappella performance of the theme song. 


Absolutely amazing!!! 24-0!! Let’s go CUSE!!!

44 Lessons Learned at Syracuse University

Dear Syracuse University, 

Yes, it’s me. An Orangewoman. I will always and forever be one so don’t try to get rid of me so fast. You’ve been trying to get rid of me for four years now. Four years of clobbering me with snow, changing chancellors, avoiding Bird Library, making funny videos, making dumb videos, surviving Juice Jams and Mayfests, sweating in dorms, and finally making it into Chucks. Well, I did it. We all did it. 

This is not the conclusion of this blog because there’s way too much to say. I will wrap up this four year course with a handful of key lesson takeaways: 

1. When in doubt, major in the iSchool. 

2. University Union makes more money than I ever will. 

3. Yogurtland is the best thing to happen to Marshall Street because it isn’t between two slices of bread. 

4. Cafe Kubal is better and you know it. 

5. The architectural dimensions of Faegans are about the same as three fat canoes stuck together. 

6. A photo of Crouse at sunset will get more “likes” than a photo of your first born child. 

7. If you have 7 hours and 18 beers to kill, hit up a SU Football game. 

8. Neverland is where the cars in the Castle parking lot go. 

9. Bird Library is the anti-Adderal. 

10. It’s harder to find a humble person in Newhouse than it is to find Lyman Hall. 

11. Lanyards, SUID’s, Syracuse apparel… freshmen, we wish we were you again. Do your thing. 

12. Whitman will become a Greek letter fraternity in the upcoming year. 

13. Funk N’ Waffles has the best breakfast sandwiches on Marshall Street. 

14. Varsity has shadily good breakfast sandwiches on Marshall Street. 

15. You can rent out books from Bird Library. 

16. In 100 years, someone will find Kent Syverud’s diary and make it into a famous book, play, and movie called the Diary of Chancellor Kent

17. Castle is better when the “sun’s out” because at night, the city of Syracuse is “guns out." 

18. Fire alarms are as common as high fives in Dellplain Hall. 

19. I should’ve talked to that kid on the unicycle. 

20. We all could’ve done a better job at letting Fab Melo cheat off of our tests. It’s our faults. 

21. When Nelly Furtado, the Dailai Lama, Dave Matthews and Cyndi Lauper come to your school, just know that it is NOT going to be that kind of concert. 

22. Crows are usually signs of bad things to come in fables and fairy tales. The same goes for Crow at Syracuse. 

23. An electric gatorade from Harry’s actually takes electrolites out of your body forever. 

24. Nothing says "atmosphere” like four outside tables at Faegan’s for lunch. Caprese panini anyone? Sweet potato fries? 

25. J.Michael’s mocks us as we walk by with only enough money for a medium sized amount of fro yo. 

26. Hoople Hall. Who knew? 

27. Should’ve been Bandier. They make going to concerts a 9-5 job. 

28. If you don’t have a sassy gay friend to give you advice, then just read Jerk Magazine out loud to yourself. 

29. The only way to justify having a broken back while camping outside the Dome is, “Well, it’s an experience!”

30. Syracuse University might not be located near a beach, but that’s why we have SAE. 

31. Calvin Harris, you peaked at our Juice Jam. 

32. 8 AM classes, Shma8 AM schmaclasses. 

33. Good luck getting to your Friday recitation at 9:30AM. 

34. And God said, “Let there be sun on a day before May 1st." 

35. Marshall Square Mall Fitness Center, a Gym for Real Women. 

36. Syrajuice, you are missed everyday. Class of ‘13. 

37. Bleu Monkey…because we didn’t know better. 

38. The Final Four is our first place trophy. 

39. We can all aspire to have salad bars like Ernie Davis Dining Hall in our future kitchens. 

40. Get involved on campus before you join Citrus TV. 

41. isn’t a website. Oh wait, it is. 

42. Never stop meeting people or saying, "Hey pretty girl!.” It’s bound to work out eventually. 

43. Run the Euclid stairs to prove you’re a human. 

44. Embrace Syracuse as a home. A weird, grey, average, fun, life-changing home. It’ll always be there for you. 


An Orangewoman