When I was younger I had a lot of issues with my body. I always felt ugly, fat or whatever. It’s funny the things I hated about myself then are the things that I feel good about now. Life is too short to feel bad or ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. For every person who thinks you’re not attractive, there is one who thinks you’re stunning. Instead of loathing myself and reminding myself how much I need to lose weight, I just change my eating habits and thank the universe for being able to distribute my weight nicely and proportionately. I think with age comes confidence. And with age I’ve learned to embrace my curvaceous figure, and not care what anyone else has to say about that. That’s their problem, not mine! #confidence #curvygal #woman

💪weight loss motivation 🙌
@asasoltan and @chrisettemichele
Both ladies are thicker than a snicker 🍫and I’ve been watching their inspirational fitness journeys through IG! They are real curvy chicks that don’t need enhancements! I appreciate them for being a great example to us other curvy girls out here! #wcw #motivation #curvygal #curvygirls #noenhancements