Awww!! Gotta love it when fellow bloggers show you photolove on Instagram ❤️. @curvesbecomeher …Asians Full Figured Thickness Unite! 😊 ❌⭕️

very simple look for Sat evening, sleeveless vest top & pencil skirt (Cotton On), animal printed ballet flat (Rubi) #psblogger #plussize #ootn #oftd #wiwt #mystorysg #sizeacceptance #fatshion #bodypositive #bopo #bodyposi #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #curvyandconfident #curvesaroundtheworld #curvesallovertheworld #loveyourbody #curvesbecomeher

You slimming wrap and detox drinks ppl caught me on the wrong week.

Hey listen.
I tried your wraps And your drinks. I tried meal replacements and boot camp fitness regimes. Weight lost during all these trials = plenty. Self esteem gained = NONE. So do you know what? Im doing what I want to do, in my own time, at my own pace and for my happiness. So you can kiss my big broad ass. I am NOT INTERESTED in what you have to sell to me. Because that stuff is not going to heal my fractured soul is it? It’s not going to make me feel better about myself is it? So do me favour and FUCK OFF because I don’t need this fucking shit right now, or tomorrow or next year. I can do good all by myself. #effyourbeautystandards #fatpositive #bodypositive #curvesbecomeher #celebratemysize #sizeacceptance #skorchmagazine #plusmodelmag #honormycurves #inspiration #curvybloggers

#tbt I guess you guys have only seen me with longer tresses but I have Always had shorter hairstyles! this was back in 2005, on holiday. I fancied straighter hair then. Now Im au naturel :) Frankly, my hair length to date has grown on me (pun intended). Although this pic’s style is chic, I now prefer my current mad wavy natural hair. That doesn’t mean I am any more patient with longer hair though! It still isn’t something I am used to taking care of 😋 #mystorysg #curvesbecomeher

I’ve got my momma to thank for my love of lipsticks. She has always had a varied selection but she is very fair skinned so the only shade she used that I liked was rouge. I’m still finding my way through makeup skills - I am a total dud at it - but lipstick is something I am accustomed to. When all else fails, lipstick saves the day! It brightens my face up, adds a pucker to my small lips and makes me feel sexy 💜 Happy Int’l Lipstick Day! #igindia #igersindia #indian #sgig #singaporean #curvesbecomeher