1. Rehearsals for the Ed Sullivan Show, Miami, USA. 16 February 1964.
  2. Indianapolis press conference, USA.  03 September 1964 (by Curt Gunther)
  3. Nippon Budokan Hall, Japan. 30 June 1966. (by Robert Whitaker)
  4. The Beatles Arrive to USA. 07 February 1964.
  5. Palazzo dello Sport, Genoa, Italy. 26 June 1966.
  6. Washington Colliseum, USA. 11 February 1964. (by Mike Mitchell)
  7. Presidential suite at the Tokyo Hilton, Japan. June 1966.  (by Robert Whitaker)
  8. Suffolk Down Racecourse, Boston, USA. 18 August 1966. (by Harry Benson)

Sept 3,1964- Playing with slot cars in an Indianapolis, Indiana hotel room, Speedway Motel on West 16th Street. Part of the reason I love this cute photo is because it was taken on my birthday September 3rd in 1964 ( I turned 2 that day) Also Ringo gave everyone a scare that day  by turning up missing until just minutes before the show. Turns out he was driving a police car around a nearby track…Ringo, Ringo, Ringooooo! Oh well, they had fun with cars that day & that’s a cool thing!

Photo: Curt Gunther