Photo Credit Audrey Kitching, I love this image of her. The styling is amazing & she is just brilliant over all. I am pretty excited I actually won her T Shirt contest yesterday, from her Coco De Ceour line I won “Rather Be Dead Than Cool” I love the saying & I can’t wait to receive it in the mail!

What do you guys think pictures as soon as I get it? I also have some replica Litas this Christmas & my new Pleasure 8inch Heels that need some photos! xo

Miss Understood.

Hey sweet peas it’s CurstieMarie here with a new photo showing off my lovely MAC meets Rockeresque look.

My lovely tumblrs you should look into buying vegan brand make up by thee lovely 

They are multi use so you can wear some on your lips as lipstick or lip gloss.

You can wear their eyeshadow as liquid eye liner, creme eye liner, mascara, blush, eyebrow colour, or even as a highlighter/bronzer. 

I am a team member/make up artist with them so if you would like to purchase some of their eyeshadows or even their sample kit go to & you can get a discount using my name “Curstie” on the promo code section or in the notes area when ordering.

As for this look I actually did a tutorial on how to get the eye make up/lips look.


This video/image is mainly for how to look hot in PINK! 

Much love. xoxo