Caught In A Lie Curse Jar

This is an almost all-purpose curse jar for people who hurt you with their words, lie, and basically just spew bullshit all around. 

You will need:

A mason jar/container that can be sealed
Safety pins or sewing needles
Black ink pen
Spicy herbs (rosemary, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, mustard seed, crushed red pepper, etc).
Vinegar or lemon juice
You could also add storm water or ocean water (both of these things are wild and when used in a curse could add some chaos to the life of the person/s being cursed)


Put your herbs of choice in the jar (as much or little as you’d like). Sprinkle in your lemon juice/vinegar/etc. Write the person’s full name in a slip of paper. If you have the room, list their crimes or simply write that you’re cursing them because of their lies. Fold the piece of paper and stab it into a safety pin or sewing needle. Drop into the container. Seal and give it a good shake. 

Visualize the chaos you wish to inflict on them. Visualize them having to bear the weight of their words. Visualize them being caught in their lies and suffering the consequences. When you’re finished, place the jar where light will not reach it. 

If you want to curse another liar, write their name on a piece of paper, stab it onto a safety pin or sewing needle, add it to the jar, and repeat the steps above. 

I always recommend a good cleansing when you’ve finished cursing. Shower, cleanse your space how ever you feel like, be it burning some sage or a white candle, or casting salt in your corners. Then relax and know you’re loved. 

Happy cursing!

I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently, it's not.

Not every witch follows the threefold law

Not every witch follows the threefold law

  • Not every witch follows the threefold law

Not every witch follows the threefold law

Most of us follow our own path and do what we want, and should not be shat on for wanting to curse someone.

You can do what you want, but don’t preach it to everyone else goddamn.

The Okiku Doll -

In 1918 a seventeen year old boy was visiting Sapparo in Japan and bought a doll for his two year old sister, Okiku. The little girl loved the doll and played with it every day, but a year later Okiku suddenly died of the flu. The family was heartbroken, and placed the little girl’s doll in the family altar in her memory. 

Sometime later, the family started notice something strange about the doll, its hair had started to grow. It had went from being in a short,cropped style to being down to the doll’s knees. The family took this as a sign that the restless spirit of Okiku was inside the doll so they took it to a Mannenji temple.

The doll is still at the temple to this day. Its hair still continues to grow and it is given an annual hair cut by the priests. Scientific tests have been carried out on the doll and it has been proven that the hair that is growing out of the doll’s head is both female and human.