he is subtle when he watches, furtive glances tossed upwards in a systematic observation; like a scientist watching his specimen, dr. xu scribbles– word upon word, etching deeply into the cotton color, sky blankness of his papers. he feigns some act of filing work amongst the filtering crowd, a show for those too ignorant or too consumed by their own lives to notice the discrepancies– whether or not the observed notices does not matter to the doctor. honestly, he would prefer if the other does.

(he remembers what chris had told him about this famous man.)

a smile pulls at xu ruining’s lips, the ends curling upwards – partial, to himself; he is something short of amused, and it tugs at him; the once white canvas, pearly and ivory-sheen’d becomes grayer, marred by marks of pencil crisply dealt into its surface. the corners of the papers crinkle, curled up– folds crease with each stroke of a word, each strike of graphite against flimsy sheets. the pencil works in time to the second hand of a clock, a tick tock metronome. repetitious, permanent.

the papers on dr. albert wesker are a mess, as all his notes are. scribbles, drawings, sketches that only the doctor could fully comprehend litter the once blank canvas. he’s made a habit to take notes on the faces that he recognizes, on the important faces. 

and, oh, how the papers are covered in scrawls.

  • a megalomaniac(?) but somehow justified.
    • (the question mark is wedged between the ‘c’ and the ‘b’, a large curvature, serving as a notation of a doubt– perhaps megalomania is not the correct context; the ‘justified’ is doubly underlined, circled.)
  • an ambience that is massive, consuming, expansive!!
    • (the words are pressed in boldly, dug into the surface of the paper, and the word ‘expansive’ is underlined– exclamation marks, with the dots and their faint, stray tails.)
  • sunglasses, outdoors on a not very sunny day (a side note: indoors, too.)
    • (sunglasses, written in slant; underlined– the indoors side note is scribbled in small, an arrow drawn to outdoors. there’s an erased smudge, what once wrote i wonder why?)
  • the smile, if that could even pass as one, is not genuine; dangerous(?).
    • (once more, a question mark wedged between letters, s & l, scrawled over a previously marked period. a mark of the appropriateness of the word.)
  • some relation to alex, perhaps?
    • (as he writes this, he remembers alex’s stumbles of our & we instead of my & i. the name alex is written smaller, perhaps in an attempt to obscure who he truly means to refer to. there is a slight inkling that it may be a blood relation, after all– the last names are the same, unless they are married?)
  • there is a sketch of something, perhaps a vague shape of the other doctor’s posture.
    • (messy, nearly indistinguishable.)

Infinity Gem 5/6- Mind Stone

First appearance- Avengers: Age of Ultron (Avengers 2012)

Current location- Earth (Vision)

Previous owners

  • Thanos
  • Loki
  • Avengers
  • Baron Von Strucker
  • Ultron

Brief description

The Scepter originally housed Mind Stone inside a blue gem, the stone was already in possession of Thanos who then gave it to Loki for the invasion of Earth. The stone has the power to subjugate the minds of others, bending them to the will of their user, as well as project the user’s consciousness to a higher plane of existence. The housing that protected the gem was broken by Ultron in his quest to bring life to Vision. Thor entrusted Vision to hold stone.

i am starting to really, really want another tattoo


i have two ideas but they’re not fully formed and what if i ask a tattoo artist and they design something based off it and i don’t like it??



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Tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

Name: Tyler
Nickname: Nish
Birthday: 12/14/91
Gender: brodoosky
Sexual Orientation: if it’s feminine enough, I’m into it

Height: 5′11″
Favorite color: Green; 2nd place is Blue
Current time and date: 1:20 AM - 5/18/15
Average hours of sleep:  5-8; usually 6 or 7
Last thing I googled: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muckman” (I was curious as to what he looked like in the ‘87 cartoon as opposed to his rather horrifying current form in the 2012 continuity)
One place that makes me happy: anywhere I am with my closest friends

How many blankets I sleep under: fall/winter? 2; spring/summer? 1 or none

If you wanna give this a shot, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to see what you have to say. ^__^

Please sir, may I have some more credit?

I quite like writing. I think it’s easily the best way to communicate using words, various punctuation marks, and shiny colours. I also think that words aren’t generally just magicked up from some sort of word cloud and that the people who do word-wrangle or “write” should expect some sort of compensation. Enter Hype My Hair who have had this job advert on Indeed for a while now.

Unlike like most job adverts this is actually a love letter. To me, no less. How wonderful.

Teem Trade are the brain boxes before Gratifika, which has been around since at least November 2012. They currently have a remarkable 3 followers on Twitter and almost 5,000 people waiting for Gratifika to launch. Gratifika is “a platform that curates the best emerging & established brands in the world and delivers an outstanding shopping experience.” Or at least will be, eventually. Any day now. Hype My Hair is another of Teem Trade’s products, and their love letter is trying to get me and other writers on board. Let’s have a look!

They’re looking for people who have an interest in creating content (“articles, videos, animated GIFs, pictures etc.” - what we in the business call “stuff”). I have an interest in that. They’re offering a “platform to wow and connect with a committed audience, i.e. millions of users who love media content on all things hair, from tips to products, styles and stylist.”

Well, that is impressive. That is impressive to the max, to the Mad Max: Fury Road. I don’t give out praise like that lightly, no sir. 

Millions of users, eh? Well, that is impressive. Let’s dig into Hype My Hair a bit. They’re all over the sociable networks that are so popular on the internet these days. They have a genuinely unbelievable 24 followers on Twitter, one of which appears to be a dog, and only 10 are actual human beings. One is Teem Trade. I get more followers in a day tweeting about how badly I burnt some toast that morning, or talking about a dream I had (it was a super spooky nightmare, I am currently preparing a blog about it).

Hype My Hair – which you’ll remember has millions of users who love media content on all things hair, from tips to products, styles and stylist – has 1,324 likes. Well, those millions of users are probably busy reading about the carefully curated articles about hair, from tips to products, styles and stylist, right? And it’s not like you can just buy likes. That’s not possible.

In May alone, five of their millions of users have liked the 13 posts made on Facebook. Maybe their millions of users migrated to their Instagram page, which has 595 followers, none of whom bother to comment on the pictures that Hype My Hair definitely own the rights to. Their millions of users are too busy to like, share, or comment on any of the entries on, which is probably why this advert is here, right? It’s the perfect job for writers who know their hair. So, let’s talk compensation.

“This is a real opportunity to build your own brand and followers, plus you gain recognition since all content creators get credit for their work.”

Oh. Well, maybe I misunderstood, maybe they meant hypothetical millions of users.

“Our site is used by a lot of people all over the world.”


So a world famous website, that has millions of users, wants me to write “articles that are true to yourself but also relatable to others, even those with different hair types.” I’ll also have to “research content and occasionally communicate with hairstylist and other creatives.”

My compensation for this is “credit for [your] work.” When it’s time to pay your rent or your mortgage this month, cancel the direct debit, and offer a credit to a blog piece about hair gel. Tell them it got 5 legitimate, unpaid for likes on Facebook, and 4 shares (only 2 of which were from relatives). See how far this new form of currency gets you.

Getting a bit bored of companies trying to rinse writers and artists in exchange for credits or precious exposure for their portfolios. I can’t afford the electricity needed to run my laptop while I’m researching content and occasionally communicating with hairstylist and other creatives, Hype My Hair. You have millions of users every month, why can’t you convert some of that sweet, sweet ad revenue into money for your writers.

The most popular article on Hype My Hair seems to be a profile of Andy Lecompte, which is made up of quotes from other interviews with the stylist and photos I doubt they have the rights to. The website has an Alexa ranking of just over 4.5 million and I can find no proof that they have millions of engaged users. I reached out to the company questioning this and asking how they can justify not offering any payment for the amount of work they’re asking for. I’ve not received a reply. If I could believe Indeed have any interest in dealing with such obviously shitty job adverts I’d report it, but they don’t give a fuck.

I had second thoughts about posting this, I thought maybe they’re just a start up in need of a hand, but no, fuck them, they’re posting adverts on a job website, pretending you’re going to get millions of people viewing your work, and they refuse to pay you a single fucking penny.

If you want to turn your precious time into credit and write for millions of users who love media content on all things hair, from tips to products, styles and stylist, is for you.

Does Phone Sex Still Exist?

With all the technology that is available today especially when it comes to virtual porn, does phone sex still exist?  The answer is yes.  Phone sex is still alive and thriving, and has become much more interactive and lucrative.  My journey into the world of phone sex began in  2012.  My current job at the time was only as a 10 month employee and of course I did not save any money for the 2 month break so I needed to find a job that would suffice for a couple of months.  Since I only needed a temporary job position I decided to look for work at home jobs.  Working from home has always been an interest of mine, but I have never been able to find a legitimate work from home job.  After hours of searching Google for online jobs I kept seeing different advertisements for PSO (phone sex operator) jobs.  At first, I was hesitant because I had heard many different mixed opinions about being a PSO, but at the end of the day I am an adult and I needed money.  After reviewing many different phone sex companies I finally chose one that seemed legit and profitable.  Well, I was wrong I did not make a single penny with that company and eventually canceled my account.  With this negative point of view that I had about PSO jobs due to 1 bad experience I strayed from that type of work until the end of 2013 when I was again in dire need of money.  Putting my negativity aside I determined to give phone sex jobs one last try.  Before choosing a company I carefully did my research. Prior to this I had researched reviews on different phone sex companies but I had never gathered information about the different types of phone sex companies and this is why I previously had no success with this kind of work.  There are 3 types of ways that phone sex companies gain their callers which are by dispatch, trolling or dual (dispatch & trolling).   

Dispatch Companies 

These types of companies that dispatch calls to their PSOs do their own marketing.  That means they are the ones that find callers by doing their own advertising.  These types of companies are good for the newbie PSO or someone that doesn’t have marketing or advertising experience.  The down side to these types of companies is that they often pay a low per minute call rate which normally ranges from .20/min to .50/min depending on your hold time. Some dispatch companies also pay their PSOs a set hourly rate that could be as much as $18/hour. Calls are also constantly coming in with no down time as long as your logged on to receive calls. You may also be penalized or terminated if you miss a certain amount of calls or if you do not pick up on the first ring.   


I am currently a PSO for Telepayusa and have been working with them for about 7 months now.  This company in my opinion is okay, but like I said previously the per minute rate is low.  Currently my call per minute rate is .20/min due to my hold time which is less than 10 minutes. The maximum per minute rate for this company is .40/min with a hold time of 10 minutes or higher.  A lot of times people that call these chat lines do not talk for a long time they may call various operators and chat for a couple of minutes or a caller might bounce around from operator to operator looking for a specific phone actress.  This in return reduces your hold time and gives you a lower per minute rate.  Payout is every Friday and the pay period begins every Monday at 12:00am to Sunday 11:59pm Eastern time.  The most that I have ever made from this company is $200 for one week.  I recommend this company if you are just starting out as a PSO or to supplement income that you receive from other phone sex companies.  The payout minimum for this company is $25  

Dual Companies (Trolling & Dispatch) 

Dual companies offer their PSOs the opportunity to earn twice as much money by trolling for customers and receiving calls from dispatch.  This allows one to earn money from their own marketing techniques and from the callers that are automatically sent to them from the company.  You also have the ability to gain more customers by adverting your services to callers that are dispatched to you,  by letting them know how they can directly reach you the next time they want to chat. 


This is a relatively new company; it has had many positive reviews from many PSOs.  I have been with this company for about 5 months now and I truly love them.  Initially Talktome was a trolling company and operators were responsible for their own marketing and finding callers. Recently they updated their system and they now offer dispatch calls.  The benefit of this is that while you’re waiting for customers to find your profile through your marketing techniques you can receive additional calls without any self promotion. So, you really have nothing to lose because regardless if you suck at marketing or advertising you will receive calls.  They also have a free chat line where you can talk with people and potentially convert them into paying customers by enticing them to call you on your paid chat line.  They also offer the option of making even more money by performing live webcam shows and chatting through text message. I have had the most success with this company.  The most that I’ve made in a single week from this company is $400.  The payout minimum is $25 and pay is weekly. Their pay period begins every Wednesday at 12:00am to Tuesday 11:59pm. 

Trolling Companies 

Companies that require their PSOs to find their own callers and market their services are trolling companies.  Trolling companies can be very profitable because you can set your own per minute rate despite your hold time, but you have to be successful at marketing and advertising.  Since you are responsible for finding your own callers you will eventually gain frequent customers and your hold times will increase because callers are interested in you and what you’re offering. There are many trolling phone sex companies out there and they each offer their own bonuses and incentives which rarely come with dispatch phone sex companies.  This in return creates more profit for you if you are successful at marketing.   


I love this company but have had little success with it.  I began working with Sinfulcall at the beginning of 2014.  When I first signed up with this site I was receiving a fair amount of calls, but I have recently run into a dry spell with this site.  Sinfulcall gives their PSOs a personal profile page where they can sell their videos, pictures and audio media. You can also sell your Skype ID if you want and perform live paid webcam shows.  On top of all these different ways to make money they give bonuses to the top PSOs.  At the present time they are offering a daily bonus of $100/day to the top talker that makes the most money in a single day.  This company has so many awesome bonuses it’s just that you have to work really hard to market yourself and bring in those callers.  They pay every 15 days and the payout minimum is $50 which to me should be lower.  I haven’t had a payout from this company yet because I have not met the payout minimum, but I intend to keep up with my marketing efforts for this site.  


I have had no success with this company even though I have been with them since the beginning of 2014. There are many that have had great success from this company, but I on the other hand have not.  If you are not an expert in marketing and advertising or if you do not have a popular blog or webpage with devoted followers you’re not going to make money with Niteflirt.  Although I haven’t been profitable with Niteflirt I still think that it is a great company and it has been around for many years.  They offer many different fun ways to earn money. You may receive tips from callers or people that visit your personal profile page. You can earn revenue by creating an interactive profile page and placing pay to view buttons on your page.  The possibilities for creating revenue from Niteflirt’s platform is endless you just have to have some knowledge of what you’re doing and properly market yourself.  You can receive payment any time you want without a required minimum amount or a set pay period.  I will continue to promote my PSO profile on this site due to its potential.

came to las vegas to seem my best friend that I haven’t seen since 2012; currently in the airport, waiting for a flight to take me back to a place where there’s nothing left for me, and that makes me hella sad.

Looking for advice on commuting options. via /r/cars

Looking for advice on commuting options.

I currently drive a 2012 F-150 with around 38k miles on it and plan on keeping it for another 5-7 years. I put around 12k miles on it a year. I have a job offer on the table that would increase my commuting miles from 6,300/yr to 16,000/yr. I don’t like the idea of putting that many miles on my F-150 just from commuting. Here are some options I came up with.

  1. Keep the F-150 and put around 20k miles on it a year, in 4 years it will have 120k miles. I get to keep my truck but I don’t like the fact that I’m putting so many miles on it, it doesn’t sit right with me for whatever reason. If this is weird, someone tell me!
  2. Sell the F-150 and get a used mid-sized car. I lose my truck but get a car with better gas milage and one that I’m ok with putting lots of miles on.
  3. Keep the F-150 and buy an older car (maybe ‘01 - ‘05) for commuting to and from work a few days a week. I get to keep the truck without putting tons of miles on it. Would still drive the truck a couple days a week to work and on weekends for hunting/camping/etc.
  4. Keep the F-150 and commute with it until my wife’s 2011 Cruze has 100k+ miles on it. At which point my wife would get a different vehicle and I could commute with the Cruze.

I’m looking for some advice on how to handle this vehicle situation. I really like my F-150 and want to keep it but I also want to make sure I’m not going to devalue it a ton by putting so many miles on it. By 2022, it comes out to 178k miles if I take the job offer vs. 122k miles if I stay at my current job.

If anyone has any other ideas that have worked for them, let me know!


The Family That Time Forgot… [Year 2040]

-Hiro Nakamura - born January 29th 1980  [is currently in jail for first degree murder.]

- Ando Nakamura - born June 10th, 2012 [is currently lost in time enacting his revenge on Adam Monroe/Takezo Kensei and anyone he loves, or has an affinity to. aka- turned into a murderous villain. ] 

- Maki Hashimoto - born August 25th, 1985 [ is dead. committed suicide.]

- Hiro Nakamura Jr - born October 8th, 2022 [ was killed by his own father, or so they say.] 

New Post has been published on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

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Russia about to crackdown harder on ‘Undesirables’

Everyone knew that the semi-openness  drifting through Russia after Gorbachev/Yeltsin would one day end under Putin. A party loyal to Putin has drafted a piece of legislation that targets foreign based nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) as “undesirables.” The bill has left it open as to the nature of what “undesirable” really is under the law. And the targeting has already begun, according to Radio Free Europe.

Vladimir Putin- Pinterest photo

A 2012 law currently requires any foreign organization that is tied to politics to register with the state as a “foreign agent.” Foreign funding, foreign members…it’s all in the works to get tougher on them all.

Vague and dangerous

Foreign based organizations such as Amnesty International, Reporters without Borders, Transparency International, and a host of other organizations that seek to reveal human rights violations are in the cross hairs of the new legislation, as are numerous businesses and other groups. And NGOs are not clearly defined in Russian law in the first place, so their fate may be in serious jeopardy.

The BBC wrote:

“A party loyal to President Vladimir Putin drafted the new law. His supporters dominate both houses of parliament.

The text going through the Duma – Russia’s lower house – says it will be up to Russian prosecutors and the foreign ministry to decide if a foreign organisation or firm is “undesirable”.

A foreigner declared “undesirable” could face a fine of up to 500,000 roubles (£6,343; $10,000) and up to six years in jail….

Pavel Chikov, head of a human rights umbrella group called Agora, said: “Simply declaring someone ‘undesirable, we don’t want to see him on our territory’ will be a violation of international law and general legal principles, and of the civil legal code.”

Note: Agora is one of numerous organizations that has received  a “notice of violation” of  being a ‘foreign agent,’ even before the law has passed the Russian legislature. Under this new law, Russia can punish anyone they like – whether it’s an oil company or a media organization, or someone in a financial group. The language is vague intentionally- a political move bent on punishing foreign-based organizations, businesses, and people. It does NOT include the word noncommercial or commercial…it is open ended.

Ratchet down on people you don’t like

Russia has never cared much about ‘general legal principles’ or ‘international law,’ any more than our own president cares about the constitution. The lawless nature of the world at this point in history reveals that many governments are doing their own thing in flagrant disregard for the people of a nation. Russia has many NGOs based in America but working on Russian soil- some of them are ministry based orphanages who help care for the children, some are businesses … all corners of the spectrum.

Will this new law place them at risk? To those who always said “that can’t happen here” or “they wouldn’t do that” – heads up, it’s happening.  The door to Russia is closing fast.

How to get the current Database and Log Filesize using MSSQL

To get the current Database and Log Filesize using MSSQL you can use the snippet below.
Sample MSSQL

with database_files_CTE as
name, type_desc, physical_name, size_mb = convert(decimal(11, 2), size * 8.0 / 1024),
space_used_mb = convert(decimal(11, 2),…