Can’t even imagine what Air Temple Island looked like after the breakup, but her office looks pretty clean and organized!  

Check out this stunning background of Lin Bei Fong’s office by Emily Tetri on the Korra team here at the studio.  It’s from a deleted scene from last week’s episode, Peacekeepers!

Imagine one day logging on to your computer. You realize that your background has a large hole in it, and your favorite character is staring at you through it.

Thanksgiving was three days ago

This one is from a request that colorfullyminded sent me (i somehow lost the ask???) where Wirt and Greg are enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the Pines twins, Waddles and Jason Funderburker added as an extra bonus because I love them.

I also have a headcannon that Mabel makes everyone wear festive clothes at every holiday which is really cute.

((I’m still at the beach yay!!! And of course the only proper thing to do at the beach is come up with hs headcanons

Now lets pretend that the sun doesn’t burn trolls alive; if that’s the case then highbloods probably get all tan and freckly in the sun. On the flip side, lowbloods…well, the sun would burn them anyways))