current weight

Weigh In #12

Starting Weight: 96 kg / 211.6 lbs
Current Weight: 91.5 kg / 201.7 lbs
Change In Last Week: -0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs
Total Change: - 4.5 kg / 9.9 lbs

Woop woop! I am now only 1.7 pounds away from my goal of hitting 200 [or below] before I leave for my trip. I can totally do this.

Tomorrow will mark 100 days since we started using MFP. In that time, I will have lost ~10 pounds [and Brent’s lost 35 pounds… THIRTY.FIVE]. Again, that doesn’t seem like a lot [to me] but then I think of that in terms of a year… so if I lose weight at the same slow pace for 300 days, that’s 30 pounds! And, not to mention, I’ve stuck with counting kilojoules and this weight loss thing for ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Making good habits, y’all.

Today marks two weeks until our trip. I am now in a state of it’s-probably-not-going-to-happen while I wait to hear about my travel visa, just to avoid getting my hopes up [this is my classic response to any sort of situation like this: expect the worst. it’s sad, i know]. I’ve been checking the Australia post tracker like a fiend all morning in the hopes that my application will get there today. Gah, the stress!

Good things about today: Game of Thrones, lots of little things I gotta do so keeping busy, weight loss!, and sushi for lunch. It’s almost always the little things that brighten my day.


Okay tumblrverse I’m taking a huge leap here, but I need to change… I have decided that I need to be healthier. I have tried to diet before but I have never had someone to keep me accountable sooo that’s where you come in… These are my day one week one pictures. Every week or so I will be posting a picture of my weightloss journey. I will also be posting my weight but at the moment I don’t have a scale sooo we are just gonna have to guesstimate right now. Last time I remember weighing in I think I was 265lbs soo that’s where we are going to start. My goal is to weigh 145lbs so I have a little ways to go but I can do it. And here I go I guess… Also please ignore me room. It’s just like my life, a mess.


my current weight is 81.6kg which means that i lost about 1.5kgs within the last week just by eating healthy, cutting out sweets, eating mostly protein in the evenings and doing insanity twice (i really couldn’t keep up with the workout schedule because of my busy school schedule)! yaaaays one step closer!

Can I use your scale?

I don’t own a pair of scales, so I take any chance I get to hop on when I happen to be at the doctor’s for an appointment. 

If I feel a Dr will keep talking until the end of the consultation, mind says ‘ Dr I’m gonna stop you right there, but I need to weigh myself’ in reality, I channel less Kanye and breathlessly chime in to ask if I can use their scales. 

I weighed myself at 15:30. I hate weighing myself at any time other than the morning, especially when I have had food and drink throughout the day. But I wore fairly light clothes and couldn’t pass up on the opportunity

59kg, ladies and gentleman!! (59.3kg actually but I am taking off 0.3kg for my clothes and the food and the IBS)

Over the moon. Well I wasn’t completely initially, I mean this was the weight I expected to be and fought so hard to get too but the every prominent negative part of me was a bit disappointed I had guesstimated my weight so accurately.
But hey ho, now rationality has reared its head, I am PSYCHED.

I have to see the doctor again, in 2 weeks, so I am now looking forward to that hurdle, I aim to be 4lb down by then! So I need to put the work in now, so I can see that 125lb on the scale and know I am getting to where I need to be! 

My old weight used to be 
5′1 - 108-112lb
My highest weight since the weight gain - 150lb *This one is tricky as when I got a PT for a week weeks, I weighed definitely in at 10 stone 5 but I am certain I was far heavier then that and as my guesstimates tend to be correct I am going to say 10stone 10 (a nice round figure, not too much added on nor too little) 
Next interval weight - 125
GW - 115
UGW - 110 

Total weight lost - 21lb! 1.5 stone,nearly 10kg!! Hell YES. 

I can’t believe I am getting there. Back to who I was, the old me. 

Back to the gym/running tomorrow, today was my rest day as I am reluctantly trying to take more and they certainly seem to be helping with the after shin splint pain, but they make me feel so lazy, but then today it was so cold, so hey tomorrow is a new day, I didn’t (and shouldn’t have had too) exercise today, so I don’t feel guilty in the slightest ( or at least trying not too) 

On to tomorrow’s exercise!!


This is me.

Why didn’t I do this sooner? Its almost I didn’t realise how big I had got? Or I ignored the fact… who knows.  I’m not comfortable revealing my face yet as I’m embarrassed by this, I can’t believe I just let all my hard work disappear and become what I hated most about myself. 

It’s time to change and make a difference.

 26.04.2015  - 168 lbs