Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. Also choose 5 people to be tagged and you have to tag the person who tagged you.

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1. last beverage = diet coke

2. last phone call = mum

3. last text message = “Gaslight @ 930 tonight on Yahoo! :) <3” from my pops

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92 questions

92 Questions
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

I was not really tagged by penw0man
1. Last beverage = water…
2. Last phone call = i don’t have a phone :3
3. Last text message = i don’t have a phone :3
4. Last song you listened to = i’m currently listening to Munich - The Fray but before that PTL - Relient K
5. Last time you cried = i don’t really remember. i can’t even cry when i want to… probably watching les mis like several months ago
6. Dated someone twice = nope. 
7. Been cheated on = nope.
8. Kissed someone and regretted it = nope.
9. Lost someone special = my grandpa
10. Been depressed = nope.
11. Been drunk and threw up = nope.
12. purple
13. blue
14. black
15. Made a new friend = i don’t think so
16. Fallen out of love = i don’t love benedict cumberbatch as much as i used to if that counts
17. Laughed until you cried = i can’t cry when i’m sad. i can’t cry when i’m happy. maybe once
18. Met someone who changed you = i don’t think so
19. Found out who your true friends are = not yet.
20. Found out someone was talking about you = i don’t think anyone talks about me ever
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend list = is facebook a thing?
22. How many people on your FB friend list do you know in real life = all of them. which is like 50. :3
23. Do you have any siblings = two of them
24. Do you have any pets = dog, bunny, bird, geckos
25. Do you want to change your name = not really
26. What did you do for your last birthday = dinner with family. i got sherlock s3 as a present
27. What time did you wake up today = like 8:15AM lol

28. What were you doing at midnight last night = tumblr… and plotting characters
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = mockingjay and battle of five armies and when i find time to watch doctor who again
30. Last time you saw your mother = i’m looking at her now
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = nothing really. i do wish i did more the past two years though
32. What are you listening to right now = start over - the afters
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = nope.
34. What’s getting on your nerves right now = nothing really. 
35. Most visited webpage = tumblr or youtube
36. Blood type = a
37. Nickname = i seriously don’t have one.
38. Relationship status = single 
39. Zodiac sign = capricorn
40. Pronouns = she
41. Elementary = homeschooling wins
42. High school = halfway done :3 still homeschooled
43. College = meh… i don’t fancy being in debt. but it looks cool otherwise
44. Hair colour = black 
45. Long or short = short
46. Height = 5’2” 157cm
47. Do you have a crush on someone = phil lester and ron weasley maybe
48. What do you like about yourself = almost everything
49. Do you use makeup = never have
50. Tattoos = nope.
51. Righty or lefty = right handed
52. First surgery = nope.
53. First piercing = nope.
54. First best friend = i don’t know but i had two friends when i was like three but idk which one i was closer to. 
55. First sport you joined = what’s sports
56. First vacation = big bear, ca camping trip
57. Best vacation = idk. camping somewhere
58. First pair of trainers = idk
59. Eating = nope
60. Drinking = water
61. I’m about to = write characters after this
62. Listening to = alone together - fall out boy
63. Waiting for = a chance to watch doctor who
64. Want kids? = yes
65. Get married? = yes
66. Career? = novelist. totally
67. Lips or eyes = eyes
68. Hugs or kisses = hugs
69. Shorter or taller = taller
70. Older or younger = older
71. Romantic or spontaneous = romantic
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = arms
73. Sensitive or loud = sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship = relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = hesitant
76. Kissed a stranger = nope.
77. Drank hard liquor = nope.
78. Lost glasses/contacts = nope. but i’m getting them soon so i might later
79. Sex on first date = nope.
80. Broke someone’s heart = probably not.
81. Had your own heart broken = phil lester still hasn’t acknowledged me
82. Been arrested = nope.
83. Turned someone down = nope.
84. Cried when someone died = yup.

85. Fallen for a friend = nope.
86. Yourself = yup.
87. Miracles = yup.
88. Love at first sight = not really.
89. Heaven = yup.
90. Santa Claus = nope.
91. Kiss on the first date = maybe
92. Angels = yup.

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I described hearing that song for the first time to be like Sara was standing on my chest. I just felt really sad. I know that when Sara was writing these songs it was during the end of her relationship, and it was someone she’d been friends with for almost ten years and been with for four years. It was just the psyche of it, when you’ve known someone for half your life, literally, and then have to leave them, and not necessarily because you want to but just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s just not healthy and you’re not good anymore, there’s no growth, and you have to have growth. And when I hear that song, the idea of all that happening just makes me sick to my stomach a little bit.

-Tegan Quin on I Can’t Take It


"It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you."
"Wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine…"

Luhan realized that the moment when he chose to walk away was the moment when he made the biggest mistake in his life. (Because it turned out that he was the one who was left behind, even when he tried to erase Minseok from his mind, Minseok was always there, and never disappeared)