i know its the last minute, but i felt like i had to make one. i just really love these accounts, and i blame them for my exploded ovaries. lol. but seriously tho. i love you, happy new year, have an amazing one! take care. ♥


I ship you with Zayn :) Your song is : A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope

You and Zayn are walking your son to school for his first day. He stood outside the school gates, with his bag up to his shoulders, hair looking like his father’s and a smile that hadn’t dissapered all morning. When the bell went, He eagarly looked at both of you, asking permission if he could go off. You both nodded and pulled him in for a hug, a small tear forming in both of your eyes. You watched him run off to join some of his friends when Zayn pulled you close and kissed the top of your head. “We’ve done an amazing job , he is the most perfect child I could ever imagine”

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I’ll also give you your song and write a short paragraph. 

for da anon, and the blogs are

some of these are my favorite blogs, but i don’t know how some of these are in the crushes because i don’t follow them…. but oh wells :)