Updated hair regimen..Haaaaaaaaaaayyyyy.

As I am trying to become more natural / more positive with my hair and skin regimen, I have slightly updated my products.

Since my pointless self usually just does wash and goes this is gonna be it.I try to wash my hair once every 4-6 days. Even though water is good moisturizer for your hair, it can drying. Especially in Kansas with our raggedy water. The night before I find that using a deep conditioner like 1. Coconut oil or Shea moisture deep conditioner running it through my hair and detangling it makes my shower process much easier and faster coz my hurr be tanglin up through the week. I got the shea moisture from target for 9.99.


I wash with Giovanni deep moisture. It does not have a thick lather, which I miss but I know is not relevant to get a clean scalp.I got this product from Akins for 7.99


Then I use Aussie moist conditioner in the shower and saturate my hair with it before detangling with my denman brush. I got my denman from Sallys and it is a little under 10 dollars before tax. The Aussie big bottle is 5 something from Walmart. 


I have faithfully been using the denman ever since I became natural and was following Teri Laflesh  and her curly method. I have since then changed  but I still follow some of her advice. The key to successfully managing your natural hair is finding what works for you. Which also means a lot of trial and error.


With the aussie moist, I section my hair into 4 pieces. Drown it in conditioner and detangle. Then I rinse the conditioner out.

I then use aveeno leave in treatment coz I like how it smells and it makes my hair soft :)


I try not to comb my hair too much after im out the shower coz I try to reduce the frizz as much as possibe. I gots lots of frizz so I have accpeted it.

Next I use any leave in I like, from Beautiful textures to mixed chicks to anything in the shea moisture line. I am currently using Curl milk which is also 9.99 from Target. 


I likes it a lot. After I get that all nice and good in my hair I use coconut oil in my hair to seal in the moisture. I use the unrefined organic spectrum coconut oil from Akins and it is around 8 dollars. 


Thats about it really, I try to avoid the hair dryer and diffuser. It seems to make my hair worse. I air dry, put a couple pins in it if needed. I also like twist outs on 2-3 day detangled hair. It just depends on my energy or mood. Some of my hairspirations are. Feel free to ask me any questions. 

Hey fran hey

My natural sistas

Taren Guy

recently came across the page of a set of #unicorn #musicians by the name of @bighairgirls, whose page is an eclectic array of dope #quotes, #streetart, and #curlspiration so I had to pay their information forward.
P.S. These c.o.l.o.u.r.s. (cool outrageous lovers of uniquely raw style) almost made me want to grab the small container of pink manic panic from my cabinet💥✊


i searched the interwebs for curlspiration but all its good for is straight haired people showing off their 3 hour rituals to achieve a wave and people with afros discussing natural hair. im in the middle of this spectrum but there is no advice for my hair type. mabey i’ll post some hair tips.