sorry for the crap edit but yeah. all these blogs are utterly flawless. there owners are too even though i’ve never talked to most of them because i’m too awkward and shy.

c, d, e, f:  curlsofagod, directionet, doncasturddrunkofsheeraneathoranellohoran, everniamfadingdoodlesfagshireforeverfags,

h, i, j, k, l:  hailhazzahazzismhazzmaniahoransgalaxy, horanhoeinfinitezarryjackgaspkingsassy, kneeyumlouisqueen

m, n, o, p, q:  malikpowerrangernayfansykesniallerhorunniallswenisniamazedouttatheskiespayninqueenlouis

s, t, w, z:  sexdirectionsheerauhlstarksfellsykesyeahthefake1dtomlinholictomlinstarstomlinstomstoplesshoranwhiteskimoswhymalikzaynjavadszoueh

anonymous asked:

lets play a game you have to guess who i am ok? ok. so i feel bad when i kill ants but like they need to go away im the predator in this food chain and welcome home my precious welcome home do you know who i am probably not heres a hint i live in white house point.

is it you bby alex i love you so much and im like gonna cry cause we don’t have any of the same classes