a Peso for a Photo 

It just wouldn’t be right to skip a Wanderlust Wednesday feature on Cuba. After all, our new collection is inspired by the colorful, busy, beautiful streets of this country! We ran across so many interesting images while researching Cuba… yet of the most amazing discovered is this vivacious – always colorfully dressed – fearless woman, Graciela Gonzalez. Sure, we would’ve loved to write a whole blog post lusting over our dream Cuban vacation, but the discovery of Graciela has taken precedence.

Graciela sits alongside the bustling streets of Cuba with her cigar, charging tourists one Cuban Peso for each photo taken of her. We would probably pay her 1000 Pesos if we could! She is the most inspirational Cuban find thus far. Thanks to Graciela for representing such an empowering woman and for inspiring our studio with your awesome smile, cigar flare, and such a love for color play. If only we could ask, “What inspires your outfit each morning?” Hope to meet you one day in Cuba, Graciela!

-CurleeBikini Team

We are dancing in bikini joy over here! Our Kickstarter Campaign is officially 92% FUNDED with 9 days to go…

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Lovely Lauren

It’s good, ripe, and finally time to introduce THE Design Intern (and my trusty sidekick), Lauren! She is also currently a Fashion Merchandising student at Texas State University…. among many other fabulous roles she plays. Lauren is going to school and working in two different cities… talk about amazing! She may be from small town, Woodlands, Texas, but she has big city dreams and it’s exciting…

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At CurleeBikini specifically, we are always inspired by our surroundings, whether it’s Mother Nature or a runway look from Milk Studios in New York, we open ourselves up to the possibility of every moment inspiring a new design! Our beautifully unique swimwear is informed as much by a lone tree as it is by runway shows that we discover from afar.

Currently on our radar: Oversized monochromatic drape dominated the runway this season – no complaints here. “Birkenstock” style sandals have taken on evolved designs from 2014; maybe the shower sandal really is here to stay!

Without further ado, our top picks from this season’s New York Fashion Week:

We love ALL of these looks, but there a few designers that have caught our attention the most…

The Row’s past two collections have definitely surprised us. Who knew that the Olsen twins would move beyond their socialite, child-stardom prowess to create such sleek designs via such a strongly branded company? Their take on Parisian-inspired silhouettes is different from most in a way that all of their pieces seem totally without form. According to STYLE, the twins described their line as “raw silk”. They’re definitely not known for saying much when it comes to their designs, but the cohesiveness of their collections say it all for them! The beautifully draped silks in simple colors made this collection much more intriguing than just “raw silks.”

Another favorite is Public School New York. The New York native designers, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne, launched their first collection of womenswear this Spring/Summer 2015 season. Not only are they fitting right in with all the major trends at Fashion Week, but they’ve incorporated their perfect touch of unique street-style. The pieces presented began with simple black and white elegance, then elevating to loud and “chaotic” prints. Chow described “it’s about finding the order out of chaos,” which at CurleeBikini, is a statement we stand by!

Overall, another great season for NYFW! All of these photos were pulled straight from our NYFW Mayhem board on Pinterest. Don’t forget to follow and Pin with us there for your daily dose of CB inspiration! Keep you eyes open, CB Gypsies… you never know where the next inspiration might find you.

-CurleeBikini Team

our NYFW SS15 Recap At CurleeBikini specifically, we are always inspired by our surroundings, whether it’s Mother Nature or a runway look from 

Bite chunks out of me
You’re a shark and I’m swimming
My heart still thumps as I bleed
And all your friends come sniffing

Triangles are my favorite shape
Three points where two lines meet
Toe to toe, back to back, let’s go, my love; it’s very late
'Til morning comes, let's tessellate…

Alt-J meets Ellie Goulding. On repeat. Having an Ellie Goulding day in the studio… ideally. Feeling strong. Wanderlust for a dark city night, the strength to take the business to the next LEVEL. A triangle branded on my soul with the CurleeBikini logo inside. A gorgeous tattoo coming. Feeling powerful.

CurleeBikini Thanks You!

CurleeBikini Thanks You!

As you can see, with the great Summer we’ve had in tow, the Kickstarter Campaign of February was an EXTREME success! CurleeBikini has been so fortunate to develop such a strong group of supporters. From the Kickstarter Campaign to the Runway Show it funded… We say Thank You!!!

We wouldn’t have made it to Austin Fashion Week without our Kickstarter Campaign… Our project was 114% funded!

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