My wonderful friend Rita rihouston came up with amazing idea of a birthday gift for Greg Ellis. She decided to create full set of Wicked Grace game cards (card game from Dragon Age as you probably all know) and invited me to take a part in this project, along with other amazing artists. My job was to design set of Angels that included ten cards.

Cure - third card of Angels suit, Wicked Grace card game from Dragon Age. For that card I decided to use my beloved OCs: Dalish healer Dimmalathan and Templar knight-captain Evarist Barandt. That might sound a bit selfish but my mind stuck at the idea and I couldn’t get rid of it. Their relationship is very special, Dimmah not only saved Evarist’s life but was a cure for Templar’s tormented mind. They are proof that an apostate and a Templar can be like brothers, loyal, devoted and protecting each other.

Card templates made by amazing Reellifejaneway2  She also created many beautiful cards!

Other participating artists: rihouston, therealmcgee, greendelle, moriesartworks, sephirona, Check their blogs and galleries cause they are wonderful people and talented artists!

In 2008, something incredible happened: a man was cured of HIV. In over 70 million HIV cases, that was a first and, so far, a last. Worldwide, scientists are working to make these odds a bit better. One research approach involves using a drug to activate all cells harboring the HIV genetic information. This would both destroy those cells and flush the virus out into the open, where our current drugs are effective. Another is looking to use genetic tools to cut the HIV DNA out of cells genomes altogether. And while one cure out of 70 million cases may seem like terrible odds, one is immeasurably better than zero. We now know that a cure is possible, and that may give us what we need to beat HIV for good.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why it’s so hard to cure HIV/AIDS - Janet Iwasa

Animation by Javier Saldeña