Golly FREE by Tom Napier
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This is the start of a little project I have decided to undertake. I have noticed a lot of people are putting there unwanted furniture and white goods out on the footpath, maybe hoping someone will take it away so they don’t have to dump it themselves. So I have decided to photograph as much of this discarded furniture as I can using black and white film as my medium. Camera: FED 2 Film: Expired Trix-400 pushed to 1600. Dev: D-76, 11 min. Scanned: Epson V550.


Curb Side perform in cupertino, ca 8/24/11 part 2

It’s a good watch

One thing I give the Pokemon Anime credit for above most other shoenen-esque animus is that when it comes to one on one battles they tend to be more on the clever side then most.

A problem I always had with stuff like…say… Bleach or to an extent DBZ (tho I forgive it more there because it’s a guilty pleasure) is that when it comes to battles, with a few exceptions there’s like…no thought to them? In the sense that when two people fight, one is curb stomping the other and that’s it? Battle aren’t won through cleverness, quick thinking, and genuine skill, they’re either won through arbitrary power ups or new found “resolve” that gives them the strength to completely overwhelm the opposition. It’s just one side getting curb stomped until something happens and the other side gets curb stomped. Examples include a lot of Ichigo fights, Goku vs Frieza (though they were even for awhile), Gohan vs Cell, every single fight anyone has had with Majin Buu, etc.

I think that’s why I adore stuff like One Piece and Jojo because battles there actually feel like there’s more going on to them then just power clashing, The heroes are required to be smart, analyze their opponents strengths and weaknesses and seek how to overcome with their own abilities. It’s actually more engaging and more interesting to watch. A fight can only be interesting for so long before you have to add some depth to it to keep the reader/watcher engaged.

Which leads me to Pokemon, obviously not ever battle is instant gold, but a good battle is really good. I extend this to the anime AND pokespe. You have Red vs Giovanni, Yellow vs Lance, Ash vs Fantina, Paul, Clemont, Roark, May vs Drew, etc where you see a decent amount of mind games and chess  like strategy, it’s actually super good? Like I don’t think they get enough credit when you have more well thought out battles in then some of the major shoenen series? I’m probably gonna get some heat for that and people will probably give me examples where that isn’t the cast but that’s how I kinda see it. Battles in Pokemon are usually always on a clearly defined time limit and so are never dragged out in most cases (like fights are almost never several episode long slugfests, the longest single battle being 3 episodes).

Idk, I just think that Pokemon Battles in general are rather intersting and there’s not a whole lot like it? They just tend to excite me personally a lot I when a battle’s really good it’s like…REALLY good and I love it (And not even standard battles of course, double and contest battles can be included to), I wish more animes and stuff used it’s way of conducting battles instead of just bland power struggles.


Curb Side perform in cupertino, ca 8/24/11 part 1

It’s a good watch

Drunken Mistake

Boy[s]: Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas

Requested: Yes

Summary: You’ve gotten drunk and cheated on your boyfriend, Jack Johnson with good friend, Cameron Dallas. Jack catches you and Cameron in the act.

Note: Contains sexual content and offensive language.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I parked the car about a block from the house where the party was at. Cars lined the curb on either side of the street, some of them occupied by intoxicated people fucking, others empty and a few being hot-boxed.

The night was pitch black, no moon in sight. The only light was from the house where the party was at, the loud bass reverberating throughout the neighborhood. You were surprised the police hadn’t been called.

You checked your phone to find that your boyfriend Jack had sent you a text asking where you were.

Johnson was shitfaced already and you knew you would be babysitting him the rest of the night.

You looked in the mirror and checked you lipstick before getting out of the car and making your way to the house. The lawn was fucked, there was trash, beer bottles, condoms and more strewn everywhere.

You just ignore it and finally make your way inside the house. You were greeted with the smell of sweat and weed, the sight of everyone grinding on each other, practically dry-fucking, and lastly, the sound of screaming, moaning and insanely loud rap music.

After a few minutes of wandering you stumble upon the kitchen, Johnson was nowhere to be found. You decide to sit on a bar stool and wait, see if he shows. He won’t get pussy for a week if he doesn’t.

You hated going to parties with him. Shit always went down, mostly because of him, and he always had an excuse.

You think to yourself, ‘Might as well get a drink to kill time.’

You pour yourself a shot of vodka, probably not the smartest idea but you couldn’t give less of a fuck. Maybe it was the smoke in the air. Who knows.

.  .  .  .

It was 30 minutes later and you’d downed 3 shots of vodka, a beer and some other random shit you found.

You were fucked.

Stumbling out of the kitchen you make your way to the stairs in need of a bathroom because you had to piss. You danced your way there, not a care in the world.

Making it up some random set of stairs you found, you bumped into someone on the way up. That person caught you before you fell down them.

Looking up, it was Cameron Dallas, a good friend of Jack and yourself.

He almost tripped over himself, clearly just as wasted as you. For some reason though, despite the fact that you had a boyfriend and never felt any attraction towards Cam before, he seemed like sex on legs at the moment.

Stuttering, “H-hey Cammyy! Nice part-partyy, huh?”

You batted your eye lashes, attempting to look cute in your drunken state for the sexy boy in front of you.

“It’s cooler now that you’re h-here..” He responded, obviously undressing you with his eyes.


Fuck, you were getting turned on just staring at him. You couldn’t even remember Jack at the moment. Just Cameron Dallas. Sexy as fuck Cameron Dallas.

“Wanna go talk somewhere or somethin’..?” He almost whispered in his husky, alcohol influenced voice.

You just nodded, hoping there would be something more than just talking. He took your hand, dragging you down the hallway.

.  .  .  .

It was violent, rushed and hot. He slammed the door to the random bedroom closed and pushed you up against it. There was no talking, your lust had a hold on you.

In between kisses, he uttered his first words since entering the room.

“I am going to tear that tight little pussy up. You like that baby?”

You could only moan in response. Your panties were soaked and all you wanted was him, inside of you.

All clothes were removed in a matter of seconds. Your phone dropping from your bra to the floor as Cameron carried you to the bed as fast as he could in his intoxicated stupor.

“On all fours babe, get ready for my fucking cock.”

You obeyed his command, sprawled on the bed and ready to be fucked. Your pussy dripping, you moaning and whimpering, it was great..

Until the door swung open with a nervous looking Johnson.

Both you and Cam’s heads swung in the direction of the door, caught in the act.

Once your eyes fell on Jack, you sobered up faster than ever. You pushed Cam off, covering yourself with the first thing your hands grabbed - which just so happened to be Cam’s boxers.

“J-Jack, I can explain. I jus-just,” you were stuttering, trying to grasp at anything to excuse your actions.

Cameron was stunned, talking at the same time as you, “Bro, Johnson. D-dude, I swear to God, man..”

Jack just stood there, his neck and ears flushing, something that happened when he was embarrassed or extremely upset.

You saw the tears gather in his eyes, his hands dragging through his hair while he had this look on his face like he was going to lose it.

Jack was a sensitive guy. He took everything to heart, internalizing and overthinking everything.

Next thing you knew, he ran. He ran out the room and essentially, ran out of your life.

Turning to look at Cameron, you knew you both messed up. There was no debating things, you and Johnson were over. Your relationship with him was on the rocks as it was, and now this. There was no going back from this. 

Once you started to realize this, you dropped your clothes, falling naked to the floor. Sobs racked your body, your first love probably hated you. You were a whore.

Cameron slipped his boxers on and came onto the floor with you, holding you in his arms and whispering bullshit into your ears in an attempt to make you feel better. He slipped a t-shirt over your head and draped his arms over you, pulling you onto his lap. You ended up falling asleep that way, in Cameron’s large and warm arms on the floor of a random bedroom, with tears streaming down your face as you began to regret your drunken mistake.

- - - - -




It’s time for my biweekly daily #cantgetenough post. This week features Cary Joji Fukunaga. #caryfukunaga Firstly, shout out to the Bay boys, I love a good man from the Bay - somewhere under all that hyphy is a chivalry just waiting to get out, I’ll let you walk on the curb side any day good sir. 

He first started becoming a household name for his film Sin Nombre, then bursting into the spotlight as the director of True Detective. Here’s a bunch of links: interview magazine interview by James Franco, here’s an indiewire piece, about his upcoming work Beasts of No Nation that is going to Netflix.  


Pho & Banh Mi. 
The two foods I was craving from the get-go. 

We had a lot of punny jokes going around while in Vietnam. #1, Pho. Need I say more? There’s just so many combinations of words that can be made (even the Vietnamese are capitalizing on it, their “i-pho” and “just pho you” shirts are only the tip of the pun iceberg) and #2, the currency. It’s called the Dong. Yeah, it gets a lot funnier when you start getting delirious from the heat. 

We found a “locals only” curb-side shop that was crowded with only Vietnamese. This was our way of telling which places were good to eat. It was hot, crowded and dirty and we got lots of stares as we came up and tried to order some Pho. After snagging three little plastic chairs in the only empty two-inch space (I kidd, but my exaggeration isn’t far off) we sat down and indulged in some noodles. It was delicious. I could be wrong, but I think it’s the West that has all the herbs and veggies on a separate plate where you can add it into the soup yourself, while in Vietnam it’s all piled in the bowl. And apparently in Southern Vietnam that’s where they freak-out the Pho and it gets interesting ;) 

Please & Thank-you. 

Curbside dining and Banh Mi Sandwhich places, Vietnam.
May 2015. 

Catch up || Demi & Joe

Getting up from the chair, Joe put the food he had eaten in the garbage and made his way out of his car. Getting in he started it up and pulled out into the busy street. He had been tweeting and texting Demi, and since he had learned she was back in the States, he agreed to going over to her house for a little catch up with the girl. It had been a long time since he talked to Demi face-to-face since they were both normally busy with their daily and job life. He figure it would be fun to see her and just hang out like old times.

Pulling up to her street, he parked on the curb by her side. Turning off the car and getting out he locked the door as he walked to the front door. Knocking on the door he stepped back as he waited for her to open up, taking out his phone and strolling through a message he had gotten from another friend.


If you’re going to go on about the lost age of chivalry, the least you can do is walk curb side so it’s easier to throw you under the bus.