Jared Atkins
Seattle, WA
Canon 5D Mark II

Can you give any advice on location hunting for landscape photography?

I typically start out by browsing through my Instagram and Tumblr feeds. Once I find a place that looks interesting I’ll start to dig a little deeper by searching through images based on that location. If it looks like a place that I think is worth checking out I’ll start planning how to get there.

Tumblr: @jaredatkinsphoto
Flickr: @jaredatkinsphotography
Instagram: @jaredatkins_



Paolo Nacpil
Orlando, FL
Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Your time lapses capture such beautiful serenity of time in such beautiful bite-size motion images. Does your thinking process behind these moving images differ from your still photography?

The technical and compositional aspects of it are pretty much the same. What influences my decision to create the moving images is if the scene is something that will greatly benefit the impact of seeing actual movement. An example of this is that a single still image of long star trails is beautiful in itself but sometimes seeing the movement of the sky across the horizon makes it a whole different experience.

Tumblr: @capturedphotos
Instagram: @capturedphotos
Flickr: @mudwrestler




EXCERPTS >|< The Singles Collection

Santa Claus vs The Devil (1959)

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EXCERPTS by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/historical/rare/controversial moving images. 
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Joshua Dildine (b. 1984, CA), received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University (CA). He has been featured in group exhibitions in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Murfreesboro, as well as the Frederick Weisman Museum of Fine Art (CA). He was also the recipient of the 2010 Claremont Graduate University Award. The artist lives and works in Claremont, CA.


Graeme Owsianski
Vancouver Island, Canada
Canon 5D Mark II | Canon 1-V 35mm

What sort of activities do you get up to on your wild adventures?

Exploring, hiking, fishing, surfing, motorcycling, swimming, canoeing and camping. There’s a lot of wilderness out there, get some and have fun!

Tumblr: @benchandcompass
Instagram: @graeme_o


Malin Dybvad
Trondheim, Norway
Nikon EM

Where are your favourite places to explore in Norway? Tell us a little about them.

Bergen is the prettiest city on the country. It’s full of rain, art, nice people, colorful umbrellas and beautiful flowers. It’s also surrounded by seven small mountains, which makes it so foggy, green and just so gorgeous. It’s a city in the middle of nature.

Jotunheimen national park is the home to the talles mountains and a lot of glaciers here in Norway. It has a lot tourism, but it doesn’t kill the charm. It has small lakes, rivers, plenty of waterfalls and tall mountains that almost always has snow. It’s the heart of this country, and also what triggers our nationalism. It makes me feel so small and insignificant, but it makes me feel free in so many ways.

Lindesnes is a small town at the point furthest down south here. It has a famous, beautiful lighthouse, and you can se the ocean and all it’s powers, with the waves crashing and hugging the shore. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, and I love going back there.

Tumblr: @wavysupertramper
Instagram: @imaalin



Let’s get some fresh eyes on our Electric Loss Music Video! Contribute animation, graphic design, illustration & more!


ANIMATORS: Using MukeiRoyalty’s key art PSD files, find creative ways of combining the green screen dancers into the video. Animate various graphical treatments of the green screen dancers.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Remix resources that helps combine the animated and live action worlds. Design graphical treatments to incorporate green screen dancers in the animated world.

VIDEO EDITORS: Create test edits that successfully combines the green screen dancers with the animation. Discover a narrative and stylistic thru line that combines all the material into one video.

CURATORS: Find resources outside of the collaboration that helps bring these worlds together.

ILLUSTRATORS: Illustrate storyboards that lend direction to the video.

WRITERS: Write a treatment that lends direction to the overall piece.


Contribute to the “ELECTRIC LOSS” collab HERE!