Each day in February, I will tweet images and links to a range of less-seen African art works in the Brooklyn Museum collection, along with links to our online collection database. Look for tweets with #AfricanArtCanBe (or follow me, @BKLN_AfrPac).

The title for this project, “African Art Can Be,” is inspired by an exhibition conceived by Jerry Vogel, a senior African art specialist and dear friend and mentor, as well as an ongoing volunteer at the Brooklyn Museum (and leader of our trip to Côte d’Ivoire this past summer). One of his shows, Reflections: African Art Is… (2004, Museum for African Art) sought to explore the diversity of what is now collected, studied, and celebrated as African art. Jerry passed away suddenly this past fall. Inspired by his work, and by our afternoons together handling and examining objects in the Brooklyn Museum storerooms, #AfricanArtCanBe will explore a variety of ways of looking at Brooklyn’s African collection. 

After all, our new, temporary installation of the #BKMAfricanArt collection, Double Take: African Innovations is all about looking at the breadth of African art in new, and sometimes surprising, ways, from its “storage annex,” to a rotating case that will be informed by audience participation. This campaign is another experiment in this direction—limited by Twitter’s incredibly short word count (which makes our gallery label lengths look like articles in comparison!), but hopefully informed by your engagement. Follow along, offer your thoughts, and join me in exploring our collection together.

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Two Questions - January 2015 

by Rodney Crowell with Tom Hiddleston!

MY GOD… His voice is like silk!

I MUST get some sleep… LMAO but I know what I will be dreaming of! HEE

Did you all hear this..

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Alex Strohl
Los Angeles, CA | Vancouver, BC
Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Bronica RF45

You obviously travel quite extensively. Which place would you say has inspired you to develop your point of view as a visual story teller?

It was a trip to Iceland in 2012 that really made me realize that there was just too much out there to see and experience. We just rented a 4x4 and spent 10 days wandering about the island without a precise itinerary. Back then our trips where more spontaneous but I always try to leave a few aspects of travel to just “luck”.

Please tell us a bit about your involvement in the Alberta 1×1 campaign for Travel Alberta? How did this come about and where has this taken you as a photographer?

We wanted it to feel authentic and organic, like a week-long trip with friends. Another thing we had to keep in mind was the attitude and character of each individual, since we were going to be traveling together for eight days! We also looked closely at the quality, consistency, and tone of their photographs, plus their aptitude to travel and be part of a group. As for the itinerary, we closely worked with ExploreCanada and Travel Alberta to create a flexible road map that would generate a large number of photo opportunities.

At the outset, we were all a little worried about ending up with the same shots at each location, but as the trip unfolded, we all relaxed and everyone did their thing. There was also a strong creative energy that kept us inspired throughout the trip. There were many moments when someone would literally jump out of their seat after seeing something they liked, excitedly asking the driver to stop for a few snaps. It was also fun to share knowledge between us — we all have different methods of scouting, shooting and editing. We all picked up some new tricks and techniques, simply by watching each other work.

Tumblr: @alexstrohl
Website: @alexstrohl
Instagram: @alexstrohl




EXCERPTS >|< The Singles Collection

Santa Claus vs The Devil (1959)

We invite you to watch the entire gif set HERE

EXCERPTS by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/historical/rare/controversial moving images. 
A digital curation project for the diffusion of open knowledge.


Faisal Yaqub
San Francisco, CA
Canon EOS 6D

If you could be omnipotent (having unlimited power) for a day, what phenomenal beauties would you want to capture across the globe?

If I could be omnipotent for a day, I’d want the ability to fly. I’d first fly to South America and take ariel photos above Patagonia. I’ve always wanted to visit Argentina and explore the magnificent Patagonia region. If I had time to spare, I’d want to fly above dense cities such as New York and Hong Kong.

What started you on your journey as a photography?

My journey into photography began with the iPhone and Instagram. Before either of these products, I used the camera on my mobile phone to simply capture snapshots of everyday life, without any thought or effort put into composition or processing. With the advancement of the optics and capabilities provided my the iPhone’s camera and the rise of Instagram, my snapshots started turning more into digital instances of my life and memories. I wanted to be able to look back at these photos and have them tell a story about my life and the corresponding adventures and struggles. I began putting more thought and craft into my photos and my passion for creativity and perfection led to the purchase of my first DSLR earlier this year. I hope to look back this first year of photography and be proud of what I accomplished but also keep it as a starting point for where this craft takes me in the future.

Tumblr: @fyaqub
Twitter: @faisalyaqub
Instagram: @faisalyaqub



DIY 21 Curated Crochet Patterns from Ravelry by Gleeful Things. What make this roundup different is that every project is something I’d want. The ones I’ve clicked though to (like #7) seem to be pay patterns - but not expensive ones. Julie makes the good suggestion that you can gift patterns from Ravelry to knitters and crocheters and she has a post about that too.

Another good curated crochet roundup is Flamingo Toes’ DIY 25 Free Crochet Patterns here.

EXCERPTS >|< The Singles Collection

Carmencita (1894) by Edison Manufacturing Co.
According to Edison film historian C. Musser, Spanish dancer Carmencita was the first woman to appear in front of an Edison motion picture camera.

We invite you to watch the entire gif set HERE

EXCERPTS by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/historical/rare/controversial moving images. 
A digital curation project for the diffusion of open knowledge.

Nabokov frequently voiced annoyance with scientists and science-writers not attributing discovery — not acknowledging the person who discovered and named a butterfly species. Therein lies a broader, and rather timely, lament about our culture’s failure to honor discovery as a creative act and a subset of scholarship — such a scientist, after all, doesn’t invent a species, for it already exists in nature, but discovers it, names it, and contextualizes it in the canon of natural history. It is no coincidence that Nabokov’s own role at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology was that of curator, for this is the task of the curator — to describe, arrange, and contextualize what already exists in such a way as to shed new light on its meaning, to discover and un-cover its significance and place in the canon of ideas.

Embedded in this act is also a lineage of discovery, similar to the "links in a chain" metaphor Pete Seeger used for creativity: I learned of Nabokov’s pet peeve about discovery thanks to Stephen Jay Gould — perhaps the greatest curator of scientific ideas the world has ever known, the greatest contextualizer of such ideas in the popular imagination — and you learned of it via me, and the person you tell about this will learn of it via you. All of us are links in the evolutionary chain of ideas, much like each butterfly species discovered is a link in the evolutionary chain of natural history. This is why Richard Dawkins, in coining the word meme, used a metaphor from evolutionary biology to describe how ideas spread: “Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain.”


Jaka Bulc
Canon EOS 300 | Canon Canonet G-III QL17 | Mamiya M645

Your photos portray so much silence and serenity, yet have so much life with pops of colour. What would you say is your point of view as a photographer?

I just try to impart a personal perspective. I think that’s the key when shooting subtler landscapes. It’s not that I don’t like portraits or hectic city scenes, but in the end I usually find myself drawn to the nuances of nature and I just kind of try to do something different with them. I think it really shows when a photographer likes the stuff he shoots. I really love serene spaces.

Tumblr: @jakabulc
Website: @jakabulc
VSCO: @jakabulc